Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fun and Function Laser Pegs Review

Our boys got Laser Pegs from Santa AKA Fun and Function.

They were really excited to get something that can be built and has the ability of being able to light up.

We got two sets to build: DuneBuggy and Tractor. Both have 9 different models you can build in each box.

Both construction sets include:
  • Tractor set includes: 29 Laser Pegs
  • Dune Buggy set includes: 31 Laser Pegs
  • A Triangle Power Base
  • Fractoids
  • Instruction Manual
Both sets we got are $24.99 and for ages 5 and up.

Mica built the model called Do-Si-Do:

Mica needed very little help. It was the first time he built it, so a few pieces he needed help snapping into place.

Daddy helped Isaak build the Scooter: 

Isaak is only 4 1/2, and these toys are for ages 5 and up. Isaak wouldn't be able to build any of the sets himself. Since Daddy was helping it is possible for a 4 year old to put together the sets.

Both boys love that their constructions light up! We lit it up last night at their New Years Eve dance party.

I love store Fun and Function

They had a lot of products on their site for kids with special needs. They have up on their website that their company is, "Where Kids of All Abilities Learn Through Play!"  Since I have a nephew with special needs, I know I'll be going back to look at more of their things.

Here's just some categories out of many that they have on their site:
I know my kids will continue to play with Laser Pegs for a long time!

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Masshole Mommy said...

OMG, these are so awesome. My boys got something similar for Christmas, but I know they would love these, too! Sadly, their birthday aren't until August, so they will have to wait for them ;)

~ Noelle said...

what a cool toy.
and I bet it made for fun daddy/son time


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