Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Mica eats...a lot. He eats more than I do. When his friends come over, he eats way more then any of them do. It's not like he eats a lot during one time, like it's a growth spurt. He just eats all the time. I'm kind of wondering what our grocery bill is going to be like when he's a teenager? Maybe I don't want to know.

The good things are that he eats just about any veggie, any fruit (except grapefruit), any kind of meat, any fish like salmon and tilapia, nuts, seeds, bread, drinks water and any kind of milk. He just doesn't like things that are spicy. He always asks for dessert, but much of the time doesn't get one. I'd say he's a well rounded eater. He also stays skinny and likes to be active.

Here's Mica a year ago. Aunt Terra wrapped his gift in a burrito box just to play a trick on him. I added the piggy flare.

Mica went over to a friends house early this school year. He came back dirty from walking and playing. Play date Daddy neglected to feed our son, it was 8:30 and a school night. He was all blinky tired. It was rush, rush to get him fed, bathed and put to bed. We are very routine people. Let's just say that we weren't happy. We were hesitant to let him play over there again.

We let him, but it was not for dinner.

Then a few weeks ago we gave Play Date Daddy another shot. Everyone deserves a second chance. He has 3 girls and they are perfectly fine, well behaved, do good in school and look well kept. Mica came home at 6:30 and didn't eat once again. Some people eat late; he did say that he was going to feed Mica dinner though. Daddy was about to blow a gasket. I was helping Isaak with a bath, so I just observed the conversation.

It turns out that Play Date Daddy did offer Mica dinner. He just didn't want to eat it. I was thinking, What? My piggy boy eats just about anything! They had pizza with chicken on top. Mica thought that was weird. He likes chicken and pizza, but not together. I told Mica that he could have picked the chicken off and ate the pizza. Daddy said, "Well what else did they have?" Mica said, "Fish sticks! I just don't like fish sticks much!"

This next thing he said had me laughing, "I really didn't want to eat because there were no fruits and vegetables! Seriously there were none anywhere."


~ Noelle said...

well, at least play date daddy did try... ha ha ha... and love that mica is such a well rounded eater :)

Eat To Live said...

Well it seems like you are raising him right... it is just most of his friends probably like the pizza.

Masshole Mommy said...

Haha - you should totally make pizza with chicken one night for dinner so he can try it and see how good it is. It's funny how kids look at things sometimes.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I do pizza with chicken sometimes, but I usually put bbq sauce on it instead of regular pizza sauce. It's good! :-)

Next time send some veggies with him ;-)

Theresa Mahoney said...

I probably would have passed on the pizza too.

We had social workers visiting my home 3 days a week (I was raising my sisters baby at the time) and they thought Allison was the funniest child. I asked what she wanted for a snack and she said "Cucumber". They had never heard of a kid asking for veggies for a snack before. I think that's pretty sad!


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