Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Isaak was at my parent's house today. Mica was at school, and then did Jump Rope for the Heart. I went to pick up Isaak and Daddy went to pick up Mica. We took them both over to Aunt Angela's, so we could go out for food and drinks.

Someone Daddy works with, has a client that offered to pay for all our stuff.

Daddy said, "You should get a Margarita. You haven't drank anything like that in a long time." So I got one.

When the drink was mostly gone Daddy looked at me and said, "Your face has bumps all over it!" I had hives. No more of that for me!

Not even 2 minutes after Daddy told me I had hives, my cell phone started ringing. It was Grandma telling me, "I forgot to tell you that Isaak's had hives on his face all afternoon." I'm thinking, What the heck?

15 minutes later my hives went away.

When we went to pick up Isaak he sure did hives on his face. When he got his pjs on he had hives on his arms, legs and tummy to. :(

We gave him some allergy medicine and put him to bed.

He was complaining about a tummy ache as well. I'm just wondering if he has a viral infection of some kind? He was acting a little off to.

We'll see how he looks in the morning.


Masshole Mommy said...

Oh no! Glad yours went away and I hope Isaak's go away SOON and he's feeling better. You guys have had a rough winter this year being sick so much - you all deserve a break!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

How odd. I hope he feels better today.

Eat To Live said...

Well isn't that strange that you both get the hives at about the same time.!!!

~ Noelle said...

what did the dr say?
hope the hives go away soon

Theresa Mahoney said...

Glad your hives cleared up quickly. I have never had them myself, but my kids have. They look horrible!


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