Thursday, May 16, 2013

Preschool Graduation One

Since Isaak's in two preschools, we have had to go to double the field trips. Today we have 2 graduations. Luckily not at the same time! One was this morning. The other one is this evening.

I'm glad he went to two preschools for the fact that they were both so different.

One focused on:
  • Academics
  • Was small, so they got worked with more and developed friendships
  • Structure
  • Really into their programs, we're talking costumes and graduation robes
The other focused on:
  • Having fun with playing
  • Exercise
  • They were larger, so it's more grade school sized, but Isaak didn't form close friendships
  • Has relaxed events
I think Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa are ready for all the field trips to be done. Daddy and I are glad that all the paperwork is going to lessen. Isaak just loves to keep everything.

Here's how Isaak's graduation went for the less formal preschool.

Isaak trying to hide his face from me taking a picture.

They all got to throw water balloons against the outside wall. Isaak's popped midair twice.

Here Isaak is trying out the hula hoop.

Here Isaak is with his teachers.

Tonight we'll have the hats and gowns; yep the whole 9 yards.

If you'd like to throw out your comments about what you think of preschool graduations I'd love to hear it!

I'm not really a fan. Sure they look cute in their hats and robes, but I think it's overboard. Graduation is supposed to be a time in which you've worked hard to get to that level. An end of the year party is just fine in my book. I don't side with elementary graduations, or middle school graduations either. To me it should be reserved for high school, college, masters and doctorate degrees.

I side with the preschool I attended earlier today on this matter. The one I'm about to attend I'm thinking is going to take ALL EVENING LONG. The kids will get restless. Sure They will look cute.

Just something to think about, not all the kids graduate. Some go two years, Mica went three years. The ones that don't graduate, don't get why they don't get to wear a hat and robe. They are 3, 4 and 5. It's not fair in their minds. They don't want to be left out. In my mind I think: What happened to cookies and drinks as a special treat for leaving preschool? Why do we make such a big deal of things now a days?


The Cranky said...

I agree with you on this; nothing is special if there has to be a ceremony for anything and everything, and you really need to keep it appropriate to the age level.

On the other hand, what a handsome wee guy, I love his smile!

Eat To Live said...

How cute he is trying to do the hula hoop. He thinks if he throws it hard enough, it will work. So cute Alissa.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was thrilled with Zoe's preschool graduation as she was now going to be entering school full time. To me it was celebratory! Isaac is so handsome:)

Ai Sakura said...

Congrats to Isaak for his graduation! I think it's fun for the kids to have a graduation party, but no need for it to take all evening!

By the way did you know there's another blog called "Planet of the Apels" too? It's a family blog as well that I stumbled across but I was wondering how come the kids look so different from yours before I realised I was on the wrong "Apels" blog heh

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Masshole Mommy said...

Both of my boys did 2 years in preschool and they each had a graduation both years. For all four of them that I attended, they made hats, sang a few songs and that was that. What I don't like is that there is NO kindergarten graduation in my town at all, when all the other towns in the area have them. Oh well.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh great pictures! He looks super happy.

We haven't had any graduations yet, but Pierce has his moving on ceremony for kindergarten in 2 weeks.

mail4rosey said...

He looks adorable and it's neat that he did two preschools.

LOL at the mid-air balloon pops. :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Honestly, my kids never went to preschool, so we didn't get a preschool graduation. We did do kindergarten and I thought it was fun. My daughter will graduate from middle school next month (we never did that when I was in school) and I am ok with going to that. I guess it gives the kids a sense of accomplishment and it's also a closing of one chapter and a beginning of another for them. It also gives them a taste of what they will get in 4 more years too :)

Maryann D. said...

I do think they overdue a lot for preschool graduations. But on the other hand it is so cute! I still remember my son's day and it was enjoyable.
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~ Noelle said...

i think the kindergarten graduation is sweet and special (and has been around as long as i can remember)
broxton was in K3 this year and they just had an end of the year party...
(which was totally fine and not overboard)

Nilu A said...

Congratulations to Isaak for completing his graduation.. I'm sure he had fun.. Lovely pics :-)


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