Saturday, August 31, 2013

Joslyn Art Museum

Yesterday was Daddy's Birthday. We were going to go out to dinner, then bowling. We did go out to get a bite to eat, but Daddy didn't eat a thing. He ate all day at work. His work often splurges on  food for Fridays. Especially before football games.

Insert eye roll here. Sorry I'm just not too into football. People get way into it here! All I hear this time of year is Huskers, Huskers, Nebraska Corn Huskers.

Out to dinner we went for Hubby's Birthday for no celebration really because he didn't eat a thing.

Then we went to go bowling. What was I thinking? No lanes were open. I had excited children, that quickly were disappointed. Clearly sports are not my thing. I didn't think of bowling having a season. They do.

Instead we rented a movie at Redbox. The boys got to bed super late!

Of course they still wake up at the same time as usual the next day.

Off and on Isaak was crying over things like being thirsty, or being tired of walking. Mica turned on the sass because he was tired. 

The best medicine for kids is sleep.

Daddy wanted to go to Joslyn Art Museum. In my mind I thought with two cranky boys that love to wrestle this is just asking for a disaster of a time. Daddy insisted that we go because he hasn't gone in forever. We went.

While I did get a few pictures, I also heard a lot of, "Stop it!" Mica in particular walked fast from room to room. I'm afraid he's a fast walker even with a full nights sleep. Daddy said to me, "Why are you walking so fast?" I answered with, "Well one parent has to keep up with the boys." He was annoyed. 

See how tired Isaak looks?

 The boys liked Dale Chihuly's work.

Isaak liked Grant Wood's piece.

The best part was when we walked out of the museum and the boys played in this water area. The floor of it is shaped like a maze. That kept them entertained for a long while.

It is a great museum. It's free on Saturdays. They have classes for kids on Saturdays. There is a newish sculpture garden outside. I'm not trying to down play the museum. I just know my boys were tired!


Masshole Mommy said...

That looks like an amazing museum.

Eat To Live said...

That looked like it would have been a fun day for me too...

~ Noelle said...

i wish we had more free things here... lol, but when they finally do a free event it is like 1 time a year, so it is crazy hectic...

kewkew said...

Happy belated birthday to your hubby.
That looks like a really great museum. Love the maze water area. My daughters would love that. So cool that it was free!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Happy belated birthday to your husband!

I think the museum looks fun! That water maze definitely looks entertaining!

mail4rosey said...

Ohh, nice that it's free one day of the week. Wood's work is clearly indentifiable, isn't it?

I hate to say this (don't hate me) but you guys have that new Huskers stadium that ROCKS ROCKS ROCKS. Just saying. ;)

You little one does look tired in the picture sitting. Awww


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