Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Swimming Lessons, Now What?

After Isaak's swimming lesson I was expecting to get a form that said Isaak had to stay in the same swimming lesson because he's not six yet. He's not able to move on. I heard that more than enough times. I really wish they went by level; not age. Instead she told me, "Isaak's gifted with swimming. I really think he should be on our swim team. He is starting to get bored sitting on the side, and waiting for things to happen."

They practiced water safety at their last lesson. That raft got tipped over and they had to swim out of that situation.

I don't mean to sound cocky, but I know Isaak's good at swimming. I've known that for awhile now. It bothered me that he couldn't move up. I know this, just like I know when he isn't good at something (like tumbling)!

She was trying to sell the swim team to me. The Mom in me was proud of Isaak. I want him to excel at something he's good at. Then the Mom in me was thinking, Wait a minute two practices a week, and a meet somewhere else in Nebraska once a month! Isn't that too much for a Kindergartener?

My personal philosophy is that kids do like to stay busy, but they also need time to be what they are KIDS. 

Of course the Y didn't have any reading material on their swim team. I wanted to know where all these meets are at? How long practices last? So on and so forth before I sign my child into something like that.

I left not knowing what I'd do. I just knew I'd have to decide soon because I'd have to cancel the swimming lessons I just signed up for prior to talking to Isaak's coach.

I  almost moved my kids to an entirely different swimming place. The one my sister takes her kids to. They have more options with that one. They have a website to view all about their program.

But the Y is walking distance from my house. They boys like the Y.

I found out that the Y has something that wasn't even recommended to us. Wave Makers is non competitive swim team. They are once a week. They work on perfecting their strokes. I wonder why they didn't tell me about this?

Another question in my mind, why wouldn't they let Isaak move up in swimming lesson? He couldn't move up until he is 6. I get that. BUT, swim team is for ages 6 and up as well.

Sometimes I just don't understand some rules!


Masshole Mommy said...

Seriously, he's good so why not make the exception and let him move up? Rules are meant to be broken, right? LOL.

Eat To Live said...

I guess rules are made to be broken and the Y uses that to their benefit.
Congratulations to Isaak for being such a great swinner.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I really wish I had taken swimming lessons as a kid...maybe it would have helped me when I was caught in that rip current last month LOL

mail4rosey said...

Rules can be exhausting if they have no rhyme nor reason.

That's awesome that you have a strong swimmer on your hands.

Z@KickingKilos said...

Like another reader said, I too wish I was a swimmer. Maybe one day?
I did take my twins for swimming entire summer holidays, but I believe they still need a lot of brushing up.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That's great he's a natural. The other swim team sounds perfect.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Good luck with your decision. My best friend has her girls (ages 7 and 11) in swimming (competitive) and she practically lives at the pool. It really is a time suck, + the travel, so you will need to think about if you have that much time to devote to a competitive league.

I can't believe they go by age and not skill. Ours are always on skill levels. Never heard of them doing it by age. What a crock!

~ Noelle said...

such wonderful news!!!! i am proud too!!!!

Good luck in figuring it all out... i think they makes rules just to confuse people and then use it when it works best for them...


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