Monday, January 13, 2014

Monster Jam Review

To start the New Year off right, we got tickets to go to Monster Jam! I don't think our boys knew what to expect.

A couple things you need to know before going to the show:

  1. Bundle up. It's cold. They open the garages to let trucks in. Trucks that help the monster trucks. Sometimes one of them tips over. Other trucks get in, help out and leave. They sure do move fast.

  2. Stock up on ear plugs. I say this because it gets loud.

We loved the show. It wasn't something I normally would go to. That makes so great in my mind that I went. I love branching out!

The boys liked the Iron Man truck the best, Isaak's second love was Monster Mutt Dalmatian, Daddy liked El Toro Loco, and I liked the Zombie. We were all routing for our truck.


Monster Mutt Dalmatian
It was pretty funny seeing a tail and ears on a monster truck.

They played Michael Jackson's Thriller song when Zombie came out to play.

Get Er' Done
If you like the redneck Larry the Cable Guy, you'll enjoy this truck.

My Boy's Favorite: Iron Man!

Part of the show that was so fun is when they had a Smart car loaded up with fire on the back of it. It was super cool to watch. I didn't get very good pictures of that because it was dark, and fast.

If you get to the show early like we did, we watched dirt bikers ride. It was pretty entertaining. They come out again during the intermission.

I'm so glad we went! The boys are still talking about it.

Have you ever been to a show like this?

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Veronica Lee said...

We've never been to a show like that but I'm sure my boys will totally love it!

Happy Tuesday, A!

Masshole Mommy said...

I took my oldest to a monster truck show a few years back. He hated the noise, but LOVED the trucks!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

My friend Denise loves going to these! I have never been to one personally, but I may someday.

Nichol said...

We have been to 3 Monster Jam shows. The last one in our area last year left us disappointed but gave my son many memories. He was HUGE on Monster trucks.

mail4rosey said...

We went once years ago. It was fun, but yeah, we did need earplugs. :)

Harry Flashman said...

These kind of shows are extremely popular in the South but I have never been to one. I am more an air show kind of guy.

~ Noelle said...

So cool to see the pictures!!!!
I am glad you went - and had fun... Want to take Broxton... Maybe we can go next year? :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

I am not big on the noise, so I stay home. However, my husband does like to take the girls with his family when they go. It really is a neat experience though!

Terra Heck said...

I really like that Zombie truck. Haven't ever seen it before. Every year Monster Jam is held in my city in June for three days. Not last year, but for the three years before that, my husband participated in Tough Trucks during Monster Jam's down times. Because of that, he was allowed in free and so was I. The event is held outdoors on a race track and I've gotten some awesome pictures of the trucks. I've even helped carried the American flag out on the field during the singing of the National Anthem. I think Monster Jam is expensive for spectators but it's definitely a fun experience.


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