Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Y

So I'm pretty sure Mica got his Ring Worm from the Y. In Jiu-jitsu they have sparring on the mats. My coworker had sons that wrestled. They got Ring Worm often. often do you think they clean their mats? My guess is never. I think it's common for all places to hardly clean their mats. Mica's Ring Worm spot after a week is nearly gone. There is no sign of it spreading. I was worried about Daddy and I getting it. We both touched it with coconut oil thinking it was eczema. Last night I grabbed one of their comment cards at the Y. I mentioned that they should clean their mats, and explained what class my son is in, they use the mats regularly, and that he got Ring Worm. There was a spot on the bottom to sign my name.

Would you sign your name?

Seriously it seems like every evaluation I do I get in trouble. I got called over by the head swimming lady one time because I wrote a little too much on their evaluation. Since then when they pass out evaluations I leave the room, or act too busy to fill one out. At work I got called into the boss' office once because I wrote too much on an evaluation. I wrote both good, and things they could work on. Somehow it was a sign to him that I do not like my job. I do like my job. Just like everything, we all need to work on things. Car dealerships want good evaluations. I've had companies say when I've been asked to review their products, "If you've found fault with our product, please don't write a review." I've also had others, which I like say, "We want an honest review. Please don't copy and paste verbiage on our site, and paste it on yours. We want the post to be your opinion, and your words."

Mica Practicing His Balance

Mica had trouble with the balance ball. Many of the other kids did as well. It was a good exercise.

Switching Gears 

I went to the Y to use the treadmill and lift weights. When I was in the weight room one guy kept standing and waiting for every machine I was on. I didn't even use them in order. Seriously couldn't he just use a different one, while I was on the one he wanted to use? It was awkward. Some people on Facebook mentioned, "Maybe he was hitting on you." I don't think so. He looked impatient to use the machines, and bothered by the fact that he had to bump the weight up on ever one of them.


mail4rosey said...

He looks happy trying to get on the ball. :)

Not sure if I'd have signed my name or not. Yes, usually, but if not doing so would be more effective (for them to focus on the problem instead of me) then no.

If I don't like a product I tell the sponsor and usually they'll say don't post it, send it back. I tell them to send me a pre-paid mailing label and I send it back.

I had one review on Tomoson though, where they send it and you have to write about it. I couldn't say it was a good book when it really had a part that bothered me. The author of the book gave me a low review rating and a nasty comment too. hahahaha I thought that was so petty!! But whatevs... I'd rather not be negative, but if you have to do a review and you don't like something about the product, you've got to give it a mention, right? :)

I hope they clean the mats now for your boys class. They really might make it a standard practice because of your comment card. I hope so!

renae said...

Ok, that balancing act had me in stitches. sorry. His cute determination was cracking me up.

Yes, that weird guy would be so creeping me out. What the ????

Thanks for your comment even tho I realize your 'lack of interest' in Argyle. My ydd and I love it and my 1dd has ZERO interest in it. She says it belongs on SOCKS. lol ♥

Theresa Mahoney said...

What a creep at the gym!

I probably would not have signed my name. I hate having to fill out those evaluations. My Zumba instructor asked to to fill out a form to get more fans in the room. Later I found out that the lady that read the reviews actually shared it with the instructor. I was really happy I didn't put anything negative on there. I think twice about how those forms will impact me before I fill them out now.

Masshole Mommy said...

The guy at the gym sounds like a real jerk and I would have stayed on the machines even longer. Actually, I am not shy at all, so I would have said something confrontational to him.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

looks like Mica was having fun exercising his balance..and the day at they gym...awkward indeed...but perhaps I will ask him directly what's the problem..

Ai Sakura said...

I don't think I'd have signed my name either, unless I wanted a follow-up on something. In this case, not sure what they would do except to really just clean the mats!!!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

~ Noelle said...

In this situation, I would not have signed my name - unless I wanted to talk to them about it face to face ... and if that was the case, I would have just scheduled a time to talk to them, not just filled out a card, you know??
Hope they clean the mats though, that is nasty.

The gym- weird... I probably would have said something after a couple of minutes, or either I would have blatantly taken longer than needed.. making sure he knew I knew :)

Reviews - if they don't want honesty, they shouldn't ask for reviews, that is my opinion!


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