Saturday, May 31, 2014

Crossword Puzzles

The boys wanted to go out for pizza on Isaak's birthday. Can you tell I'm behind in my posts? His birthday was May 19.

Anyhow I wanted to go somewhere that sort of fit in with my diet. Cheese and gluten don't really mix. There is a local pizza place called Zio's Pizza that has gluten free crust. I do love their pizza!

I felt kind of odd when I walked in. There was one of my students serving. Then I look ahead, and there's a table of my students. I like both my family, and my students, but it's odd when the two parts of my life mix. I like to leave them some what separated. Yes I talk about work at home, and yes I talk about family at school, but not a lot. I certainly don't hang out with both together.

I was picturing my student's going on about, "Oh you should have seen her family...", "Her husband tips well.", "Her husband tips crappy.", "OMG Mrs. Apel has to have gluten free." and "Her kids are loud." As you can see I don't like mixing the two parts of my life.

Well it all seemed dandy.

Mica loves watching their TV that is on the ground.

The boys seemed happy that Grandma and Grandpa showed up without them knowing.

Isaak has trouble with crossword puzzles. It didn't help that 1/2 the words were backwards. Daddy helped him.

Grandpa helped Mica; even though he didn't need help.

I love that Zio's Pizza will give the kids dough to play with. I didn't ask for any, since the kids were well occupied.

Our pizza did have cheese, but no gluten. It was a Natural Chicken and Feta Combo, and the boys got Margherite Pizza. I didn't get any pictures of our food, but here it is from their site.

Zio's Margherite PizzaZio's Chicken and Feta Pizza

Zio's Pizza has been labeled Omaha's best pizza for 33 times.


Masshole Mommy said...

There is a place around here that gives the kids dough to play with and my two always ask to go there. They think it's the best thing ever.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I don't like to mix business and family either. I hate running into some of Jason's employees when we are out and about. It just feels so weird!

~ Noelle said...

that would be so fun to have dough to play with while they wait...


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