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HCF | Happy • Calm • Focused #Giveaway!

I had the wonderful opportunity to review HCF | Happy • Calm • Focused.

$59.95 value
Travis AKA Daddy gets depressed easily. Lately there has been a lot of pressure on him. His titles seem to be growing.
  • He's a dad
  • He's a husband
  • He works at a dental lab
  • He works, and has his sculpture at a cooperative gallery
  • He was accepted to work at a group event for artists called Flock House this month
  • He's responsible to go through applications for an up coming show
  • He's a gardener
There is a ton of stuff on his plate! I could tell a few weeks ago that he was feeling down, and over whelmed with things. He would snap at the little stuff. I noticed that he was becoming more, and more grumpy. He noticed a little bit, but it wasn't on his radar. I was so happy when HCF | Happy • Calm • Focused was brought to our attention! Travis has been taking this for 2 weeks. The first week he took it I noticed a huge change in him!

He's now one of the leaders in the artist group for the Flock House. This is big for him! He's usually not the leader type. He went into the project not knowing anything about it. He didn't know who would be there either. It was intimidating. It's a month long project about creating a habitat that can easily go up and down. They have a strict budget to work with. They gave the groups one hour to come up with a plan. Travis not only came up with the idea, but he built a little moquette to show.

He's not snappy, he's much calm than before, and he is much more focused to get things done.

I've gave him task on Mothers Day, and he jumped to it without complaining.

With HCF you do not feel an unnatural buzz. 


HFC | Happy • Calm • Focused was made in the USA. It's may goal is to give people the nutrients their brain needs. Then leaves you happy, calm and focused. The brain would be a shrine, If the body were a temple. 

How is it different than taking other supplements? HCF naturally supports feeding your brain's own
neurotransmitters with things it's supposed to have: F&Q amino acids. You can stay in the plus zone without the fear of crashing. You'll be happy, calm, and focused.

Things HCF | Happy • Calm • Focused helps with: Memory Disorders, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, attention disorders, autism disorders, addictive disorders, movement disorders, hormone disorders, and pain disorders.


3 standard size pills are taken 30 minutes before breakfast with 8 ounces of water. You do need to plan ahead. It's not a problem for us because we wake up early to exercise. 

Supplement Facts:
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B1 
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Folic Acid
  • Biotin
  • Calcuim
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Chromium
  • Amino Acid F
  • Amino Acid Q
Things HCF Doesn't Contain:    
  • No Preservatives
  • No Chemicals
  • No Coatings
  • No Calories
  • No Sweateners
  • No Enhancers
  • No Yeast
  • No Fragrance
  • No Dairy
  • No Gluten
  • No Nuts
  • No Wheat
To me it's so important to know what is in what I'm taking. 

Now it's time for a giveaway! One US reader is going to win HCF | Happy Calm Focused!  
Can't wait: Get a 14 day trial period here

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mail4rosey said...

It's important for me to know what's in what I'm taking too. I'm glad you found something for your husband!

Cascia Talbert said...

Looks like a great supplement. I hope it helps your husband. Have a terrific day!

Robin said...

I was glad to see the list of things NOT in this supplement. Too often sweeteners and other desirable "fillers" are added.

The Cranky said...

As you know, I have some major movement disorder stuff going on...and depression goes hand in hand with one (Parkinson's). I can't take anything for the depression because it all contains serotonin, which is a HUGE no no for me and even St. John's Wort has it! I don't see anything on that list which would affect my serotonin levels; a huge plus! I'm definitely interested.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I am glad that you are finding something that works for him. My husband gets snippy when he has a lot on his plate too. Thankfully, he did join the gym and says that is such a help going there and lunchtime to pound out his aggressions.

~ Noelle said...

Glad it is working out great for hubs :)

Helga said...

I learned from the hcf challenge that this may help me a lot!

Helga said...

I learned that junk food may be harmful to your brain!

Laura said...

They are gluten free!

Laura said...

"you need a brain to fall in love" was a good read.

Eat To Live said...

I learned that you can combine these with other vitamins and supplements which is a good thing for me.

Eat To Live said...

I learned that getting your mind into a sleep can be harder than it sounds and I believe it. Some nights I have a hard time falling asleep


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