Monday, May 12, 2014

Isaak's Friend Birthday Party

One things is true about us: We have trouble keeping the house clean during the week. Seriously we both work all the time. When I'm not working, I'm blogging. When Daddy's not working, he's making sculptures. Isaak loves to keep anything and everything. On the weekends it's scramble time. We clean in a hurry.

Isaak's friend birthday party was this Saturday.

Note to self: NEVER schedule a birthday party on Mother's Day weekend EVER again! I didn't even think about that.

I cleaned pretty much every night last week. Laundry was one night, floors were the next, dusting was another, and so on and so forth. Cleaning should be that way all the time. To be honest it usually gets saved for the weekend. In my mind since we work much of the time we're lucky we get mostly home cooked meals. I do keep up with the dishes. *See I'm trying to justify my sloppiness.

Friday night Daddy was working on an art project that he was accepted to for the whole month of May. *More on that later. The cleaning was mostly on me.

Saturday was Isaak's big day: His friend birthday party. 

No one had RSVPed. I gave them my email, Daddy's cell phone #, and our home phone #. The school no longer gives out directories; due to privacy. Getting a hold of parents isn't the easiest thing.

Many true things in the US (in general):
  • People just have trouble picking up the phone to RSVP.
  • People are always busy.
  • People don't give thank you cards.
  • People sometimes just show up. 
True things with kids:
  • They expect all their friends to come to their party.
  • Most of their friends tell them that they are coming.
  • They want the best birthday party ever.
Isaak's party started at 10. It was 10:20, and no one was there. When I wrote on Facebook that I didn't know what was going to happen, a few people sent me personal messages saying that same thing happened to them, and other commented saying that has happened to them as well.

What no one knows that day, is that I went into my room and cried for a brief moment. I don't know if I cried because I was sad for Isaak, maybe it was more because I was sad for society as a whole, or maybe it was a mixture of everything.

I couldn't help myself after seeing this:

I decided to put my big girl panties on, so to speak, and gave Isaak a gigantic hug. I said, "Honey if no one comes it's ok to be sad. Just remember that we will have a special day for you on your birthday, and a family birthday party. I will let you open up a gift from us today if no one comes. We will have brownies and ice cream." Then called 2 parents that I had numbers for.

One was coming, but was late. A sigh of relief. I thought they would come because Isaak had a play date with this kid before, and he said his mom said he could go. I just didn't know if they had forgotten. person came. In this case I was soooo happy that his friend's sister, and her friend stayed to! The more the merrier! His friend's mom said that his friend had a birthday party that no one showed up to as well. She had a bounce house, and no one was there to enjoy it. :(

His friend with a Transformer mask on.

Isaak likes brownies way more than cake, so that's what we went with. Everyone asked for 2nds, so they got them. We had strawberries, carrots and lemonade to.

I did have games planned, but since there wasn't too many guests they just played. They had fun on our swing set. They loved their trinket of a Superman ring, and got way more candy than I wanted them to with limited people for the piƱata. 

Isaak got a Hot Wheels extension from his friend. They got the Hot Wheels stuff down, and happily played with that.

With the one kid showing up everyone was happy! :) 

What do I do for next year?

Do I just have a few friends over to spend the night? 
Do I try and have a friend party again?
Do I just stick with a family party?

Part of me wanted to have a big party for Mica this year at Hummel Park. It's a little ways away. There would be archery, and more, but I risk spending the money, and not having kids show up. If I invite everyone, then I might get too many people showing up when the limit is 20. I'm so in limbo.

What are your thoughts...


Masshole Mommy said...

Our school does do a directory, but it's voluntary and usually there are just a handful of kids who have their info in there.

mail4rosey said...

You could plan a party at the park and not tell your boys? Then if people showed it'd be the ultimate surprise. If they didn't, it'd be a fun day at the park. :)

We go to the parties my son gets invited to for just this very reason. We have been the only people there before, but like you said, so long as someone shows up, it ends up being fun.

Unknown said...

I am glad a few kids at least came. Having someone is better then none.

Ai Sakura said...

It's horrible that people wouldn't confirm attendance for a kid's party!! I'd cry too if something happened like that to Lil Pumpkin.. especially in a situation with the first picture.

I think it's a great idea to have a sleepover. It seems more casual and cozy if they are in their PJs :P Homemade dinner, popcorn, movie night, sleeping bags etc.

Happy birthday Issak!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Harry Flashman said...

I would never have a party again and if I did I wouldn't invite the people who stiffed you. That's utterly unacceptable. I don't blame you for crying, I'd have been so angry I would have had a fit. See why I live out in the middle of the forest and never associate with people unless i have to! >:-(

Theresa Mahoney said...

Mariah has a June 2 birthday. For many years the kids got out of school at the end of May. For her 4th grade birthday we sent out 10 invites and kept our fingers crossed. Only 1 girl showed up. I also wanted to cry for her. Thankfully, my sister brought my niece over and a little girl from down the road stopped by too, so it wasn't so bad. The next year we had it a few weeks early to ensure more people would come, which they did. I think some time frames are bad (like Mother's Day Weekend where everyone is busy) so you just have to plan accordingly, even if it is before or after his actual birthday.

Since we know the feeling, I make sure to clear out our schedules for every party my girls are invited to. I don't want any child to not have at least one guest at their party, and if it is only my kid, at least they got one.

Beate said...

I can't believe they wouldn't let you know if they were coming or not :( I'm so glad the boys were happy with their guest though and you absolutely made the best of the situation!

~ Noelle said...

you know how i feel- i hate that rsvp is no more - and that thank you cards are out too...
we try to go to everything, because I want people to try for Broxton.

Eat To Live said...

I like brownies better than cake too. Awww... poor guy... so sad that the kids didn't show up, but at least one came.


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