Friday, July 18, 2014

Random Tid Bits

  1. I've been thinking about the Malaysia plane that got shot down. I have a few blogger friends from there, and Singapore, which isn't far from there. News close to home impacts people. My thoughts are with them at this time. Virtual hugs! I cried for the victims, their family, and friends. It's a horrible feeling to have something bad happen. :(

  2. Both of my boys have had really bad allergy eyes since the 4th of July. Their eyes just get red, and itchy. Isaak's eyes in particular gets bad. It's not pink eye. It comes and goes, and gets better when they get allergy meds.

  3. I've seen back to school ads already. Where did the summer go? Are you ready for school to start?

    Sometimes I wish there was year round school. I'm friends with a family that has year round school. They still have the same amount of breaks that we do with not having year round school. The breaks are spread out, and the one in the summer there, but it's smaller.

    I know some people are anti year round school, but I think they may think it's literally all the time. I think A) Kids forget a lot during the summer. B) Kids in general do better with consistency. C) Kids need more breaks at different times.

    Like everything I can see the flip side: A) Some parents like to take big vacations. If you had family in say China, it's not like you would want to go there for a week or 2. You'd want to be there for an extended time. B) Summer time is a great time for making big memories. C) It's a parent's job to continue their kid's education. That's what they have workbooks and library for. Clearly many parents do not work with their kids.

    Are you pro, or against year round school? 

  4. Warren Buffett lives here. Last weekend he was spotted hanging out with Paul McCartney. Of course I didn't see them.

  5. This kid took a selfie with them in the background. Source

  6. I got trapped in a news case once again. Sometimes 1 case sucks me in. This one is about a mom Lacey Spears that supposedly wanted attention so bad online. I was interested at first because she was labeled as a blogger mom. Her blog only has 4 posts total on it. It was medias way of getting the case attention I'm sure. She posted a ton on Facebook to seek attention. The seeking of attention through a child is called: Munchausen by proxy. She labeled 2 boys that she cared for "Her Sons" when they weren't at all. She had her own son. Then she lied saying that his father was dead; when in fact his father was alive. He was just not the prominent person she made his fake dead daddy out to be. Her son was in and out of the hospitals 23 times in his 5 small years of life. All because he couldn't keep his food down. A nurse cared for him, and he ate whatever she gave to him. She said he had no problem keeping food down. Fake vomit was found in his hospital bed. When the hospital wouldn't give him a feeding tube, she went to another hospital. Later on he died from too much salt ingested from his G Tube. They found the salt both at the hospital, and at a home where she was caring for him. She called a friend to ask them to get rid of the feeding tube bag at her house. Her friend turned the bag into the police. It effected his ears, then his brain. There's much more to the case. If you want to read about it, you can here.

  7. I look at this little boy (below), and feel for him. He was Isaak's age when he died. He has those same gaps in his teeth. :( Do you feel like me - like there's not enough done for mental illness in this country? I know we can't catch all the crazy people out there that do horrible things. It would be nice if there was more help for the people that claim they need it, or families that turn them in. At this point there is no ruling. Things point to her being guilty. I'm not on that jury about to hear what's going down. I've read much about the case. It's packed full of lies on her part. I don't think she hated her son. So many said they felt like he was her world. I just think from what I've read that she's messed up. It's just so hard to understand how a life so beautiful can be taken away so easily.


Masshole Mommy said...

A friend of mine lives in North Carolina and I love the way their schools are run down there. They go for 12 weeks, then get six weeks off - all year long. I would be pro year long school for a sched like that.

mail4rosey said...

I saw that picture of Warren Buffet on the Interet, I didn't realize it was taken in Nebraska. Cool. :)

Eat To Live said...

I don't think the kids should have to go to school year round. The so look forward to summer vacation.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I am all for year round school. They say the first month or two back from summer break is relearning what they forgot over summer. What a waste of time!

That Lacey Spears story was just so sad. I don't think we do enough for mental illness in this country.

~ Noelle said...

I really wish we had year long schools, it seems that those places that do year long seem to have better results...
As for the little boy --- it breaks my heart that he had to suffer and that the mom couldn't get help


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