Friday, October 24, 2014

Contrast and Compare

I don't think there's anything wrong with comparing my kids. When one lacks in something, the other lacks in something different. When one is great at something, the other is great at something else. In the end one isn't better than another, they are just different.

  • Isaak listens to us when it comes to adding details. He wants to make things better. Mica's mind is much like an encyclopedia. He's book smart, but rarely wants to go back to check his work, or add details. 
  • Isaak's very good at math, Mica's very good at reading. 
  • Mica's an overall smart student, Isaak's average, but more egar to do better with things. 
  • Mica's good at drawing, but he has no interest in it. Isaak's not as good at drawing, but he can build something out of junk and make it look good.
  • Mica's great with instructions for Legos, and Lowes Clinic projects. Isaak's more like, To hell with instructions. I'll make this work. I can make it look cool.
  • Mica's great at historical facts. Isaak shows little interest in historical facts, but is really into current things going on around him.
  • Mica's a great teacher if people let him be. Isaak is more the home clown (at least right now he is). Isaak tries to make people laugh. 
  • Isaak's a feeler. He wants to know how your day went, and he's open to talk about his. Mica's not a feeler. Mica doesn't hang on to things like Isaak. He lets things roll off his back. Isaak will bring up things that happened weeks ago, and play it off as something that happened recently.
  • Mica's more independent, always has been. That can come off as selfish at times. Isaak's more dependent, always has been. That can come off as annoying. Isaak generally doesn't want to do things by himself. He wants other people to be involved at all times.
  • Mica's more like his Dad, and Isaak's more like me his Mom.

Daddy had Mica write a story. Mica used a lot of big words. Many of the facts in the story were missing. Daddy kept asking Mica questions throughout his story. Mica matter of factly said, "Well I was thinking this _____, but didn't write it." Isaak mentally took note of this.

Since the boy's magic show, Isaak decided to write a story about the show they preformed. It's now 5 pages long. 

Isaak asks me how to spell most of the words he wants to write. Sometimes I spell them too quickly. Isaak said to me, "Mom how about I whistle at you when I'm done writing a few letters?" 

I said, "Ok Isaak." 

So...I have gotten whistled at a lot lately.


mail4rosey said...

My youngest looks just like his dad, and has so many of his characteristic traits. With my daughter, it's the reverse and she takes after me. :)

~ Noelle said...

i love that he said he would whistle to you :)

renae said...

Your sons are like my daughters. My daughters are your age or so but to this day they are as different as night and day. I just don't know which one is night and which one is day. They both succeed at things they do, yet those things are completely opposite. My oldest was shy yet loved preforming on stage as a drill team and then dance company member while in high school. My younger one can't dance a decent beat but loved to be asked to the school dances {attended everyone of them} and she was in student government. My oldest is a stay a home mom, taxi driver, chef, laundry and vacuuming extraordinaire and church teacher. Younger daughter has two boys but can't bare to be a stay at home mom, ...drives her nuts. She says everybody gets up and goes somewhere. It is a sin to stay home.
I love each of my daughters dearly and each of their children dearly. But as you see the differences in Mica and Isaak, you will continue to see those differences more and more, I guarantee it. ♥, Renae


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