Friday, November 14, 2014

Random Tid Bits

I always get comments about my kids being excellent sleepers. I know some kids are just more difficult with sleeping than others are. While my kids may be good sleepers, they are not good in other areas. Here's some random tips on how to get them to go to bed, and how to get them out of bed in the morning.
  1. We don't do this one anymore, it was the best thing we did to get our kids in a routine for bedtime. I came up with the idea. Daddy named this before bedtime routine, Tour de Clocks. What is Tour de Clocks? Before the kids could even talk we started caring them from room to room to look at the clocks. Could they tell time? No. When we carried them around we would say, "See it's bedtime?" They believed us, and loved being carried around. They always had a smile on their faces when Daddy would show them the clock. Sometimes he'd let them touch the clock to. Off to bed they went after Tour de Clocks.

  2. When they get a little older make a night chore chart. I made a text one for Mica, and a picture one for Isaak. Isaak couldn't read when I made his. Laminate it, and make them follow it. They can mark things off with dry eraser markers if it's laminated.

  3.  Prepare as much as you can for the morning. I always ask around supper time if the boys want a school lunch, or not. If they don't I have them help me make their own lunch. They like doing it.

  4.  Roll play! I think sometimes parents forget what it's like to be a kid - Me included. Kids like to pretend.

    When I was younger I once a week had to get my sister that was 5 years younger than me up, and ready in the morning. I was in 6th grade, and she was in 1st grade. OMG was she horrible to get up! It was not happening. One day I decided to pretend that we were in an episode of She-Ra. Ya she liked that show - *shaking my head. She was She-Ra and the evil character was going to burn down her castle AKA her bedroom. She got right up, and moved. Score!

    Isaak's another one that doesn't like to get up in the morning. I know he loves all things that are babies. I act like a kitty, puppy, or baby to get him up. It's silly, but it works like a charm.

  5. Shake things up in the morning. Yes kids love routine, but sometimes they also love a nice warm meal before it's time to get dressed. Just like some adults say they NEED coffee, kids like to eat and drink before getting their work done at times. They also might move it to music. The music could make them annoyed to. Be cheerful, and sensitive to their morning grumpiness.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Great tips! We're pretty structured, so not too many issues w/ bedtime at my house.

Masshole Mommy said...

My kids are ok about sleeping. They sleep through the night, but always fight me on going to bed AND they are early risers.

Theresa Mahoney said...

We try to get it all done the night before. Mariah has always been an early riser, but man, Allison is such a jerk in the mornings I can't wait to hurry up and send her off to school!

Eat To Live said...

LOL.... If only your students could see you acting like a kitten to get Isaak up in the morning. Now that would be funny

~ Noelle said...

I like how people have set things to get their kids up... For me, I try and get him up.. then I go get a shower... Then, I love on him (unless he is up then)
Then he eats breakfast and then we get him ready for the day. ( I read a book in the morning too, if we have time!)

mail4rosey said...

I like the visual list you put up in the blog post. :) My 1st grader is cake to get up, my teen is awful about it.


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