Thursday, December 4, 2014

Little Emerson

I know some of my readers asked how my nephew Emerson is doing. 

He had surgeries on Monday. The boy must have known he was in for something big. He kept nervously biting his cheek. :( He had a fat lip before he was sedated.

The Ears Nose Throat Doctor took out 1/2 his tonsils, and his adenoids for the 2nd time. I didn't even know adenoids can grow back. I guess it's common for them to grow back, and his did. The doctor only removed 1/2 his tonsil because his other 1/2 looked so different. His anatomy isn't like others, so one has to be on the careful side with him.

Since he was sedated he had a CT scan to look at the other 1/2 of his tonsils. For now they are leaving them alone.

He then had surgery with his eye doctor. Older adults often times have to get a surgery to pin their eyelids up. It's a pretty routine surgery. The first scare was that Emerson is allergic to silicone; they use silicone to do this particular surgery. If he didn't get his eyelids pinned up they'd slowly start to droop more and more. After time he wouldn't be able to see at all. Emerson got one of his eyes pinned up in the spring. It was a success. The only trouble they had was him keeping his hands away from his healing eye. They can only do one eye at a time. So along with everything else he had his other eye pinned up.

The boy also had a hearing test. His hearing is the same as it was. It's good it wasn't worse. He just got done with an ear infection. He already wears a hearing aid.

Emerson stayed in the PICU because of all the things that were done to him. The doctors were thinking he'd be there possibly for a week. That was hard because my sister is still breastfeeding my youngest nephew Edison. Back and forth they went. Someone had to stay with Emerson 100% of the time. That's understandable. That's what my sister wanted anyhow. Luckily Mr. Emerson was doing so well the doctors kicked him out of the hospital on Wednesday. He's at home recovering. Let's hope he leaves his eye alone for the most part.

I'd post a picture, but I haven't seen him. I know he's all smiley now, but since his eye was just pinned up he doesn't look like himself. When people get eye work done I think of the movie Clockwork Orange. Not a pretty picture in my mind. His eye will get better over time. I'm sure the noises that come out of his mouth sound horse from his other surgeries. He'll be able to breathe better. All good news I suppose.


The Cranky said...

All the best to wee Mr. Emerson,(and his momma!)thanks for letting us know.

~ Noelle said...

Thanks for the update...
I had NO CLUE that adenoids could grow back... I had my tonsils and adenoids removed when I was younger...

Masshole Mommy said...

Thanks for the you need to go see him, so I can see a picture.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Thanks for the update! I hope you are able to see him and share a picture soon! I just love his face!

Eat To Live said...

Poor little guy. He sure has gone through a lot in his short time


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