Friday, March 13, 2015

Random Tid Bits

  1. It's been warmer outside, so I switched pjs. I was wearing flannel, and now I'm wearing thinner satin pjs. Isaak rubs my pant leg (not in a sexy way, just in a I like the feel of this fabric kind of way) and says every morning that I'm wearing them, "Mom I want a pair of these. They feel so nice." That kid is funny! 

  2. It's too bad these pjs only go up to size 7. Isaak loves Superman, and they are boy pjs that are satin.

  3. Since the weather warmed up the boys have been playing outside, and have been going for long walks. The neighbors have been playing outside to. Isaak is much more of an outdoor kid than Mica is. One day Mica said, "Oh is Jack (neighbor) out there? He is. I've got to go out there to talk to him about Minecraft!" It was just this week that he became into Minecraft. I picked up Mica a Minecraft handbook at the library. I think he was in heaven. I thought it was last year's obsession among kids. My boys do tend to get into trends on the late end. They liked Angry Birds when that fad was dying down. Do you know anything about Minecraft? All I know is that it's a thing that kids like, and that they are boxy characters. Mica's been talking about Minecraft like crazy, but I sort of block it out.

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  5. I was rubbing Dad's shoulders and he said, "That's too light. No guy likes to be rubbed soft." I said, "I went out with guys that liked that." Mica said, "WHAT? You went out with other guys besides Dad?" 

  6. Dad's old boss decided he'd add to our account the money from vacation that he didn't use. Sounds great - right? He didn't tell Travis a thing. Typical of his ex-boss. Meaning - he doesn't communicate. All the sudden they both got a letter from the unemployment office saying something to the effect, You did not record your earnings last week. You will be penalized. You are still an employee at Larson Dental Lab...You failed... It was as if they want to audit him. That's yet another mess.

  7. Two of our friends had us over for dinner. They're not used to our kids being there. They said, "They'll probably only eat one piece of pizza." Travis is like, "Ummm maybe 3 slices." Then the host's said, "They probably won't eat salad right?" I said, "They'll have salad. They love salad actually." They each ate 3 slices, salad, and had 2 full glasses of water. I'm thinking we have human pigs as children. They stay skinny though. I bet they won't want to have us back. LOL


Unknown said...

Minecraft is actually the highest-selling video game of all time. Sony recently bought out the company who made it for a billion dollars :)

That's funny the the kids didn't know there were other men ;) But annoying about the unemployment office :P Have you straightened it out?

Harry Flashman said...

Minecraft is where you tunnel under the other guys trench line, then you set off a huge bomb under his trenches and try to break through the wire where the mine bomb made a hole. Did I get that right? ;-)

That's aggravating about the old employer not telling your husband the story on the money so he could report it. But the unemployment people will surely understand when he explains it to them.

My "p.j." outfit consists of a t shirt, and boxers. I always keep a pair of trousers right next to the bed in case I have to leap up in the night to put out a fire or repel boarders. Don't want the firemen or sheriff to come and find me in undignified pajamas with sponge bob or something on them!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Allison plays Minecraft with her friends all. the. time. I don't see the trend dying down any time soon!

Eat To Live said...

It has got to get a lot warmer than this for me to get rid of my warm pjs. I freeze at night.

~ Noelle said...

Minecraft is still very popular now... Broxton loves it... but since his tablet time has been limited, he doesn't get to play it as much as he used to.
How funny about the pjs- I had a set of Pjs with sock monkeys on them, he wanted them SO BAD, so my mom found a set for him and ordered them as a surprise :)
(We love sock monkeys here!)

mail4rosey said...

My 7 yr old eats three pieces of pizza even if his teen sister and I sometimes don't. Boys just have a lot of room, lol

mail4rosey said...

Oh and my son loves Minecraft. He and his father build on their worlds once a week or so and it's the talk of the house. :)

Masshole Mommy said...

My two are obsessed with Minecraft. They would sit and play ALL DAY if I would allow it.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Bo loveeees's quite an interesting game and sometime I watch him play it. They also have the lego set for it :)


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