Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bully Much?

Isaak came home worked up yesterday. 

He said, "Mom I have to tell you something." 

I said, "What is it?" 

He said, "Some kids were doing things in the boy's bathroom doing things that they weren't supposed do. They were climbing on this wall in there. I told them to stop. Then I went, and told my teacher.

Later at recess the same group of kids started chasing me saying, 'It's payback time!'

Luckily I'm a pretty fast runner, and they just couldn't catch up to me. I told a teacher. She told me to just ignore them."

Mica said, "Isaak you should have found me. I would have gone up to all of them and said, 'Leave my brother alone!' Since I'm older I would have made them listen to me."

I was surprised that those words came out of Mica's mouth. The boy tries to ignore Isaak as much as humanly possible. 

My older sister was the same way, mean to me at home, and cool as a cucumber to me at school. *Except for the one day she decided to hold my hand, and pretend we were an item just to piss me off, and embarrass me. That's a different story.

I said, "Who's the teacher you talked to on the playground?" Isaak didn't know. I said, "Mica can you go get your Yearbook, so Isaak can point out the teacher he talked to." We figured out it was an aid that we also don't really know. I wrote down her name, and the kid's names to email his teacher what had happened. 

Our night got busy, and I forgot. Mom Fail! Then I remembered today. The teacher was emailed. I redeemed myself.

This is only the 2nd time I've emailed her all year. 

I don't go running to the teachers every time something happens at school, but I do want to let them know the whole story with things. Then everyone's on the same page. I especially hate when one of my son's are doing something respectful, and to the rules, and punk kids are being bullies.

Let's face it the lack there of respect in this world is going downhill. If I can raise my kids to be honest, respectful, and responsible I'm a happy camper. I'm not saying that they should be snitches all the time either. They however do know right from wrong. 

On the upside one kid is in Kids Club that Mica says could go down the wrong path. His words - not mine. I said, "Mica everything happens for a reason. Maybe this boy needs someone like you in his life. Mica said, "You know you're right Mom."


Masshole Mommy said...

That is so sweet of Mica to offer to stand up for his little brother. What a sweetheart. Isaak is lucky to have him in his back pocket if he needs him.

Ai Sakura said...

I love that Mica wants to protect Issak so much. And that Issak is smart and strong enough to stand up against those who do wrong, even though it was a whole group of them.

You've raised your boys well, Alissa :)

Eat To Live said...

It's terrible that kids can bully other kids like that. The teacher needs to be taking this a little more seriously.

Unknown said...

I often find that happens in families - the siblings will fight or show contempt for each other all the time, but if ever there's a situation where it really counts, the siblings often step up.

That's pretty poor on the teacher's part to just say "ignore them". As if that will help! The only explanation is if there was some rule about dealing with kids that we don't know about, like the teacher can't actually punish the kids based purely on Isaak's accusation.

Rachael Abel @ Love Yourself Gree said...

Good kids you have there, girl. x

~ Noelle said...

You know you are doing something right, mama!!!
What good boys you have!

Theresa Mahoney said...

That's great Mica is willing to stand up for Isaak like that!

Mariah and Allison are the same way. Mariah gets mad when I yell at Allison for something stupid like not cleaning her room, and will stick up for her, but she's quick to turn right back around and call her a brat lol. Kids!

Terra Heck said...

I have to agree, respect has gone by the wayside.
My two boys (15 and 16 yoa) pick on each other all day long and swear they don't like each other. Yet, they're the first ones to stick up for each other if something goes down.


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