Friday, July 10, 2015

Got Hives?

Isaak went to the zoo a few days ago with my parents; the next day he had hives. They got way worse just in a few hours. I got a call from Travis at work, "I don't know...maybe I should take him in." I thought he was over exaggerating. When I went home, and saw him, "I'm like wow. I guess you weren't exaggerating." 

I had Isaak hop in the bath. Then I rubbed calamine lotion all all over his body, topped it off with Hydrocortisone, and Benadryl before bed.

In the mean time Travis called the nurse. Thank goodness we have a nurse that's available 24 hours. She said we were doing all the right things. As long as he didn't have a fever, he was good. He was his spunky self, just itchy.

The thought rolled through my head that maybe he's allergic to shrimp. I can count on my hand the times we've had shrimp. We had it 3 days ago. My mom - that was a nurse said, "Nope. He would have had a reaction faster than that with shrimp." 

His poor eye!

He woke up with hives, so we called the dentist to see if it's ok to have his 3 teeth extracted. It is. He'll be numb, itchy, and in pain between doses of meds. today more than likely. My littlest man will be tired to from the Benadryl, and us waking him up in the middle of the night for another dose of meds.
The boys start their outdoor camp in 3 weeks. I really hope they both aren't going to break out in hives! Mica broke out last year when they got muddy. I'll have to send an extra shirt, and plastic bag for days like that. 

Got to love sensitive skin, and allergies.

I'm surprised my boys have more sensitive skin than I do. I've gotten a single hive on my face once in a blue moon, but it always goes away within a day. The only real hives I've gotten is with sulfa, and sulphates. No random outbreaks all over my body. I don't even have issues with eczema. 


Anonymous said...

Both my Other and I have pretty strong immune systems. Allergic to nothing (except he is a few medications and bananas) and our kiddo has only been sick maybe three times in her six years. Twice were from something she ate. I really think it just depends, but I'm so thankful she's healthy. Seeing hives like that on her would freak me out and I wouldn't have any idea what to do!

The Cranky said...

Hives, I hate them! Going out in sunlight will cause me to break out in them... seriously; my nickname used to be Vampirella!

Hope the wee guy is doing better.

~ Noelle said...

Poor thing...
Broxton's eczema gets me going...

Theresa Mahoney said...

Allison gets like this from time to time also. Usually in the summer is when she gets hives.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

oooh my...I hope he's got everything you need at home to treat that and that's great...

Eat To Live said...

I had hives once when I was a young kid. I was rolling through the grass and when I was done I have hives all over me.


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