Monday, July 13, 2015

Hives All Weekend

Isaak started getting hives on Thursday. Travis called the doctor and they said to give him meds for the itching, and to just wait it out.

That's what we did. There was just 1 problem, he was scheduled to get 3 teeth out on Friday. We were on the phone with the doctor's office again Thursday night. I emailed them pictures. They said to do what we were already doing: Oatmeal baths, hydrocodone cream, and benadryl.

The dentist office saw him anyhow. He tried being so strong, but broke down crying when he got the shots. Travis said he tasted blood in his own mouth just by watching Isaak. With one tooth came some bone. Ouch!

His hives kind of faded in his face Friday morning.

By the time I got home that afternoon Isaak's hives were back with a vengeance, they were all over, and he was very pale.

Travis wanted to go out Friday night. He took Mica with him. I felt it was best t hat Isaak stayed home. I knew Isaak's hives weren't contagious. I wanted him to stay home because he looked horrible, and he was drugged up.

Isaak said, "I just hate these dots on me. They make me ugly!" I said, "They'll go away soon enough Isaak."
On Saturday his hives did get better, then worse again. His mouth felt pretty good. I took him to a store similar to Whole Foods, but local, to see if they'd have anything for hives. Isaak told them, "I just look awful. It's like I'm a giraffe with these spots all over me."
On Sunday Isaak again was great during the day, and broke out in hives in the evening. 
I'm happy to say that as of today, he didn't have any hives. We'll have to see how he does with day camp in a few weeks. Ekkk! 


The Cranky said...

Fingers crossed, poor guy!

Masshole Mommy said...

Ohh, poor little Isaak! My heart breaks for him, but I am glad they seem to be clearing up (hopefully).

~ Noelle said...

Hope he's better.... and make sure you tell him.we don't think hes ugly at all

Eat To Live said...

Oh wow. he had those hives pretty bad. Poor kid. I am sure they are gone now.


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