Saturday, July 25, 2015

Railroad Days

Right before our trip to Missouri we decided to go to Railroad Days here in Omaha. Railroad Days is every year around July 11 and 12. As a family we paid $15, and that gets you in to 5 big museums, and a few smaller museums. A bus transports to all the major museums, and a trolly transports to all the small museums.
The Perks: 
  • Cost - It's inexpensive! 
  • The wealth of information you take in because you can see so much!
  • The added displays. They set up more displays during this time. My boys loved the remote control trains!
  • Transportation - You really don't have to wait long for the bus to take you to the next spot.
The Downfalls:
  • Heat - It's just hot here this time of year. That day felt like 108 degrees with the humidity. 
  • Food - There isn't a lot of places to eat. Museum food isn't the best, and it's expensive. I would have brought more, but it's a pain to carry around. Bring water!     
  • Come early to enjoy the children's train that drives around. It's free, but there is a line. It's more for little kids. They just drive in circles.
My boys have always enjoyed trains! They still play with Thomas because we have so much of it, and it's fun. Planning a track out is the most fun. They liked Team GeoTrax from Fisher Price, The Little Engine That Could, and Chuggington. A long time ago I won that toddler Chuggington laptop, Mica and Isaak still play with it!

I knew I wanted to go to Railroad Days with the kids at some point in time. It's just that Travis used to work weekends, so it was never something I wanted to tackle alone. Now he doesn't work weekends, so we went.
We started out at Lauitzen Gardens. They have special model trains set up off their entry for the event. The boys go crazy over the model trains. It was probably their favorite part. If I had the money, and the space I'd buy stuff to make one for them.

There were buttons to push to load coal, and make things light up on the table. Naturally they had to push all of them more than 1 time.

We did ride their train. The boys weren't impressed that it just went in circles. They are getting older. It's more for little kids. Tip: Get in line for this ASAP! There is loads of kids that want to get on it.

Most of Lauitzen Gardens is known for their gardens. Imagine that. I love the place! It's peaceful, big, and they have hidden gems all over the place to see. 

A Kaneko Sculpture Garden -

We didn't go all over because we knew the day would be packed. We just walked down to see their train that's set up all the time, and walked back.

Rest Stop - 

 We did go into their newish Greenhouse -

A plant that looked like it was growing pipe cleaners.

The had a spot for kids to make a train hat and whistle. Isaak made both. I opted for the louder whistle, and Travis hated me for that.

Then it was time to go on the bus.
I guess this is called an, "Usie" instead of a "Selfie".
The bus looked odd it's it rear view mirrors.

Off we went to the Durham Western Heritage Museum. This is a great place to go around Christmas time! They have a cool Christmas tree, and Santa is legit.
They had a guy in the front playing rockabilly music. 

This is where the boys tried to kiss this girl.

You can go inside trains.

Then we headed on over to the Union Pacific Railroad Museum in Council Bluffs. 
 The boys met Buffalo Bill. Mica said, "Mom he's dead." I said, "Mica that's his ghost."
They got to pretend to drive trains to.

That point in time we were feeling a little done, but made 1 more stop with the Trolley to Railwest Railroad Museum. We forwent the last stop, and headed home. 
There they have more trains you can go in, and they are pretty neat!
Around July 11 and 12 is a great time to visit Omaha for Railroad Days!


Anonymous said...

We took GG to Tweetsie Railroad and she enjoyed it but I think really think she would like going here much better because there are so much more to do that involve trains!

On a side note...I like the picture of you. Very pretty!

Theresa Mahoney said...

That's so cool that they got to explore the trains like that. Even though I have girls, all kids love getting to hop aboard and explore them! What a great family outing!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

You have been doing some really cool stuff this summer. Fun!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Railroad days...Love to see those trains and the garden. Bo et Obi enjoy trains so much as well..big fans of Thomas and friends :)

Masshole Mommy said...

Sounds like it is worth the money! Especially for train lovers.

Eat To Live said...

My sister rode the train loss she was home. It is the train that is near Titusville Pennsylvania where the first oil well was.

~ Noelle said...

Wow. I want to go there. I know Broxton would have a blast... and Marc would love it since he could talk more about trains with him!!!!!


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