Thursday, August 13, 2015

Meet the Teacher

It feels so early for school to start. Travis couldn't wait to send the kids off. The kids like school, and they seem happy with routine. Routine is easier for us to.

Both kids got good teachers - so I hear. Isaak said, "I don't care who I get. You know what? I do care. I want to keep this pattern up of getting the opposite teacher than Mica had." He likes patterns. Mica wanted the teacher he got because she kept saying she wanted him in her classroom, she works them hard, and plays them hard.

Back to school night was on Mica's birthday (Monday).

We stopped by Isaak's classroom first. Isaak's teacher was busy talking to one family when we came in. Two more families came in after us, and she started talking to them. We were just standing there thinking, Ok we're right here waiting to talk to you. We did have a few questions. Like, Why were there no notebooks, or folders on the school supply list for that grade? Finally we did what some may deem as rude, and butted in when it seemed as though conversation wouldn't die down between the teacher, and a family. It's odd because they butted in on us. It was like we were in a room, and no one could see us. Not a great first impression.

She answered our questions, and we were on our way. She buys the notebooks, and folders because she's picky about what they use color wise. Not the warm and fuzzy feeling I was hoping to get. I have heard that she's an excellent teacher. I shouldn't judge. She runs a tight ship, and that is what Isaak needs. Isaak's a good student. He wants to do his best. He also pretends to not know how to read.

Isaak gave me the hand when I tried to take a picture of him. Maybe my feeling of being ignored didn't just come from his teacher.

Every photo that night had a hand up! Punk!

Mica's teacher stood out in the hallway. She shook the child's hand as they walked in, and asked them their name regardless if she knew them, or not. She asked us 3 times if we had any questions, or concerns? We talked briefly about how Mica needs more help with math, and does pretty good with reading. She went on to talk about how he'll get a list of books to read from the extra teacher that challenges them. Right away I got a good vibe off her. Mica asked her if he could bring in treats for his birthday some day this week? She said, "Whenever you want." He said, "Not the first day because that day should be all about getting the system down." She said, "That's fine. Bring them in Thursday, or Friday then." Mica's very systematic, and wants things to be done in a way that doesn't interrupt a process. He's just like his Father with that. 

Both kids have great friends in the other class. They seem ok with that. They know that school is for learning. 

When does school start where you live?


Ai Sakura said...

Yikes I hope the relationship with Issak's new teacher will improve through the year. It's so strange to ignore people when you know they are waiting to talk to you! I hate that when the waitresses in restaurants do that.. they see you waiting yet they pretend to look away or ignore.

With what you said about Mica's teacher, she seems to give me good vibes too!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Eat To Live said...

School sure did start early in your area. The kids around here haven't started yet

Theresa Mahoney said...

We go back on Tuesday. Since Mariah is in high school, we don't really meet her teachers anymore. Back to school night for us is on Monday. Allison starts changing classes each period this year, so it will be an adjustment.

That really was rude of the other family to butt in like that. I hope things get off on the right track with that teacher soon!

~ Noelle said...

We have already started... and just last night had open house. Broxton's teachers seem nice and are very open to the fact that broxton is going through many choices ages now having a baby sister at home. I like them from the first impression.

Masshole Mommy said...

That's because it IS early for them to start. We still have 3 more weeks of vacation.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

We will have to wait until September 6 and we are still on vacation now. It will be another exciting year for us, especially since Obi is in kindargerten now and both kids go to the same school


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