Friday, August 14, 2015

Random Tid Bits

  1. I sometimes wish I had a built in 2nd opinion. I was sitting there drawing in my office. It's something I can do. I've been playing with different techniques. I teach an Art Media Techniques class. Anyhow I had 2 drawings going, and could not decide between the two of them. My husband is not shy at all at telling me what sucks and what works. Instead of moving further with it, I waited. I could have gotten so much more done if I just decided between the 2. I'm not going to show you now, but the drawing is going to turn into a painting much like my others. It will be a sea turtle with a sand castle coming out of it's shell.

  2. I took 1/2 a day off on Monday. I don't teach a class on Monday, and I was already for Tuesday and Wednesday. I wanted to spend it with Mica, well the boys really since it was Mica's birthday and their school started Wednesday. I ended up taking the boys and my parents out to lunch at Chick-fil-a. We only have 2 in Omaha. My parents had never been there.

    It was a surprise that I picked them up early. Isaak was pissed. He wanted to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's to finish building a box creation of some sort. He had a melt down. I've never fed into his melt downs, but he still has them. I try to ignore it, then I say, "Enough Isaak!", and lastly I drag him out of the house. Never do I say, "Awww come here." You'd think they'd stop. At least he has them a whole lot less then he used to.

  3. I like Chick-fil-a's food better than a lot of other fast food places. Plus they have good branding/ads. That brings up my question for you - Do you go to places, or watch TV shows where you don't agree with the owner's beliefs, or dislike an actor in the show? I don't agree with Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-a's beliefs, but I go there anyhow. It's a free country. They can believe whatever they want to just like I can. I also still like the Cosby Show even though Cosby's looking like he was a creep! The show was/is still good. There are other actors in it besides him. The voice that talked for Elmo on Sesame Street sexually abused kids. They didn't take Sesame Street off the air. They didn't even take Elmo's World DVD's off the shelves. I like the old Dukes of Hazard. Because of a flag it's off the air. It's been on the air for years. I get it, but I still like the show in all its cheesiness. What's your thoughts on all that? I can see both sides. 

  4. After Chick-fil-a I dropped my parent's off and wanted to go play mini golf. The boys wanted to go home to play Mica's new video game. They really don't play their DS a whole lot, so that's what we did. Hey it saved money, and I got a nap in.

  5. Travis showed up around 5:15 all pissed. I guess he was trying to call me. Since I got this new iphone #2 it hasn't rang. I even tried to match my settings up to his. No ringing. So far I'm not a SMART phone lover. I'll have to go back to Verizon to see what's up. Travis went to pick up the boys forgetting I took 1/2 a day off.  Then he was annoyed that I got to have fun with the boys, and he didn't. :(


mail4rosey said...

Sorry about the phone not ringing. Defeats part of the purpose of a phone entirely if it doesn't ring.

My granddaughter has meltdowns. Her parents try the reasonable approach. They don't feed into it either. Part of being a kiddo sometimes, I know. :)

Have a great weekend!

Harry Flashman said...

Sounds like a really rough day. I hope things improve. My wife puts her phone on mute when she is at work, then forgets to unmute it when she leaves. Like right now. I have been trying to call her to see if she is coming home this weekend, no answer. I know why.

If I get mad at a company for doing something I don't like, I don't buy from them. So I quit going to Walmart, quit buying from Amazon and E-bay after the Confederate Flag "race to placate 13% of the population." It's harder to find things, they cost more, but I won't support entities that I think are doing things that are wrong. I am in the minority on that one though, and everybody gets to choose their own way on the issue.

I like Chik Filet a lot. There hasn't been one in driving distance all the time I have lived up in the mountains, but recently a nearby town got one and I am planning on going to the grand opening!

The Cranky said...

Can't always avoid it, but I try not to give our money to businesses I really disagree with/disapprove of. Voting with my dollars.

~ Noelle said...

We love chic fila. Yum.
I hate you're having phone issues, but I can't help... we aren't apple people. Samsung here!!!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I don't agree with Hobby Lobby or Chick Fil A, but I still shop both also. I do think companies need to keep their mouths shut on certain topics and leave business to business. There is no room for personal opinions when you are running a business unless you are purposely trying to exclude a certain set of people or beliefs from shopping your organization.

Masshole Mommy said...

There is one Chick-fil-a in MA, but it's about an hour from me, so I hardly ever have it unless we're up that way or traveling and pass one.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I haven't really tried Chick-fill-a but we saw some along the way during our roadtrip. One of our fave is Applebees.. It happened to me before that the phone is not ringing. But my hubby fixed it and all good now. He also got angry if I didn't pick up the phone..

Anonymous said...

That sucks about your phone! I'm a but if a technological illiterate and that would confuse/enrage me. :(
I don't eat at Chick fil a. Mostly because their food just isn't that exciting for the office but also because they use the money the get from customers to support gay hate groups. Supposedly, they've stopped donating to these places but I don't want to give then money for ever thinking that's right. I don't usually eat fast food anyway.
I'm not super crafty, but when I do need something I always see if Michael's has it first before trying Hobby Lobby. Don't really like giving them my money either.
Yeah, it's a free country and businesses can do what they want, but if I don't like it.. I'm voting with my paycheck.

Ai Sakura said...

Aww bummer that Travis didn't make it out with you all for the family fun day. There's always next time :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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