Friday, November 6, 2015

Professional Finger Nail Clipper Review

Mica and Isaak have a new job. That is to cut their own nails. They don't always do the best job, because they are learning. I just got The Ultimate Nail Clipper to review! 

I'm going to go back and buy another one, so both my boys can get them in their stockings. I may look for a gold one for Isaak, since that's his favorite color.

I love how this nail clipper has the words, "Smarty Pants" on it. My Dad's nickname for Mica has always been Smarty.

  • I love that this trimmer is rust proof. I had one a long time ago that rusted on me. 
  • It has a long handle. This makes trimming toenails easy.
  • It's medium sized, which is what we need. The tiny one is what my boys had. They are getting bigger.
  • It has a built in Easy Grip Nail File. 
  • The blade is sharp, so it will cut good. I dislike dull blade because they tear, and don't cut the nails. Plus if you buy one that is dull already, it's only going to get duller over time. I want a sharp one. 
  • This professional finger nail clipper has a life time warranty.
  • Cost was $24.97 and now is $14.97. 
Isaak's a total boy, so his nails are constantly needing to be trimmed, or cleaned. I think this will help him to still be a boy, but no one will look at him and think that boy is GROSS!

It’s an immediate turn off to be shaking someone’s hand and seeing they have dirty, split or badly cared for nails.

If you can’t even look after your fingernails what does that say about the rest of your personal hygiene and the unprofessional way you approach life in general? Ya, let's stay clean.

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Theresa Mahoney said...

I can never find my clippers. I need to get a pair and hide them from my girls. They use them and never put them back where they are supposed to go.

mail4rosey said...

I just popped ours (cheapo Dollar Store clippers). My youngest bites his nails...gah. I keep after him but he always seems to get those fingers in his mouth. I hope he outgrows that stage fast.

Cascia Talbert said...

That looks like a great nail clipper Nail clippers disappear in my house.

~ Noelle said...

Love the phrase on them. Great stocking stuffer for sure

Masshole Mommy said...

We are always losing nail clippers. I swear that when we move out someday, we are going to find 287,901 pairs of them.

Juliana said...

This is so cute. And reminds me I need to find my clippers.


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