Friday, December 18, 2015

Random Tid Bits

  1. I used the nice, very expensive camera at work. I attached it to a tripod, and continued to show each student that turned in their work how to use the camera. I sat down after showing a student how to use it, and BAM the camera did a face plant into the floor. I tested it. It turned on. The black plastic on the lens towards the top was shattered. :(

    I'm on the last season of Dexter. The thought occurred to me to play dumb, and pretend to not know what happened to the camera. It could have fallen when I was out of the room. Reality slapped me in the face. What was I thinking? Tis' the season of giving, and here I am thinking of covering up something that wasn't my fault, but happened in my care. All weekend I stewed over the situation.

    On Monday I went right into the boss man's office to confess what had happened. He was ok about it. Then I felt awful about the thought that I was even thinking about covering up the camera's face plant. I told him that I was afraid of how he'd react, and that I should have told him right away. 

  2. A student that isn't even my student right now has been really disrespectful to me twice this week. (I'll call her non-student because she's not my student right now).

    She keeps coming in to talk to my students. That's not usually a big deal, but it's finals week.

    The non-student came in to talk to one girl that owed me 4 major projects, my current student always has people around her talking to her, and she is the type that can't say, "I have too work to do. Leave me alone right now." She's too nice. I would have liked to of said to the non-student, "The girl you are talking to owes me 4 projects. She can't focus when others talk to her. She's too nice to tell you that. Be a good friend, and leave her alone, so she can work." BUT that's none of my non-student's damn business! I asked my non-student politely to leave the room, so my students could study and get their artwork done. She flat out refused. When I was more stern in my request she said I was so rude to her. I don't get upset very easily. How she was talking to me made me shake inside. I said, "The first time you were in here I said nothing. This is the second time. I have students that need to get their work done. I would have never talked to my teachers like that. It's time for you to leave. Get out!" She mumbled, "I'm not disrespectful!" She stayed for another few minutes then left, came back 10 minutes later, saw me see her, and left again.

    That's the part of teaching I don't like. They are college students, so many think they know everything. They are "adults". Those same students think they are free to do anything.

    There's a reason why this one student was in my classroom, she's rubbed her own classmates the wrong way. I also found out from her teachers that she owed them a major project, but wanted to do the minimum on it.  

  3. I'm not a HUGE Star Wars fan, but I like it. When I was younger I'd beg for my mom to give me Princess Leia buns. I'm not the fan that collects all things Star Wars. Travis knows the boys want to see The Force Awakens. He secretly got tickets. The boys know nothing. It will be fun to surprise them tonight. 

  4. Are you going to see it?
  5. It most certainly feels like winter this week. Christmas most certainly crept up on us. When Mica shouts out how many days there are until Christmas every morning. I panic every time. I have most of my cookies done, but had to make more because my sisters, mom and I are decorating them this weekend. It's ok if I have too many. We're having a kid New Years party. In the deep freezer the cookies will be. I have wrapping to do as well.

  6. The boy's holiday program is today! I'm writing this on Thursday. It will be a hectic day for sure. Their program times are 10 and 1:30. I have to give my final at 1. 10:30 is the time I go. With it being the last day of the semester it's a crazy time to have to leave work to go to a concert. I do want to see it though!  


Theresa Mahoney said...

The student sounds like a real jerk! Sadly, that's the kind of attitude today's college students possess. They think they know it all and everything needs to be handed to them. I'll give my girls a swift kick in the butt if I ever hear of them acting like that.

Have fun at the movie. I hear it is really good. I may have to watch the others, then go see this one.

Miss Polkadot said...

While I – at 24 – might not be old enough to use the phrase “when I was younger” in the case of the student you mention I’ll say I’d have never misbehaved like that. Respect towards teacher, be they those you’re having classes with or not, should be a given. From what I’ve seen in younger students, though, disrespect unfortunately seems to be on the rise.

Masshole Mommy said...

Does your school have any kind of insurance to help replace the lens on the camera?

~ Noelle said...

What? Other kids are allowed in your room?
Back in my day it was ONLY for the student in that class at that hour... no one else... I would have just said " leave, I am the teacher, this is my class' but then again, I have no patience for things like that these days.

Did yall like Star wars? I LOVED IT

Harry Flashman said...

You should have blamed the broken camera on the bad student, two birds with one stone!

An Apel a Day said...

No insurance on the cameras. It's a very small school. The owners are surprised nothing like that happens more often. I'm off the hook with it.

The thought occurred to me to blame it on a student, but they have cameras. I thought it was best I tell the truth.

Ai Sakura said...

that girl was plain rude. Most people would never think of going into another ongoing class especially when the teacher is around, whether in college or not. You did the right thing by asking her to leave, and you did the right thing to tell your boss about the camera too. Good on ya!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I can't believe that student! That is incredibly disrespectful. Is there someone you can report her to? Surely they have policies against interrupting classes like that. Most of the students I teach are great, but once in a while you do end up with a bad egg.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I used to be a teacher and I I really don't like to read your story about the non-student. I guess somebody has to make sure that she is doing bad and annoying things. I am still thinking about watching Star Wars. My kids wanted us to go but I think maybe we will wait..

Eat To Live said...

Well wow... that camera is probably never going to work right again. Was it the schools camera?


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