Friday, January 15, 2016

Random Tid Bits

  1. I made the boys tuna melts on pita bread. It's not something we have often. I said, "Guess what it is?" Isaak said, "I know! It's Tina Fish." He meant "Tuna Fish". 

  2. This time of year makes me about as mad crazy as before Christmas. First - we're starting a new semester. Second - around here camps for the summer time start to have sign ups. If I don't get the boys signed up I loose a spot. Anyhow I have trouble thinking that far in advance. Some camps have sign-ups already, and others aren't open for sign-up yet. Coordinating them becomes difficult. I signed Isaak up for a camp at a college here called Totally Cool Math and Science, and Mica up for Powering the Future and Stack it Up! Lego Structural Engineering. Of course signing up more than one kid was confusing. Isaak's information went bye bye, I entered it again, then it registered him twice. That was a mess to deal with. I like to keep the boys busy during the summer!

    I can't wait for the day where Mica can stay home alone. He's only 10. How old do you leave a kid home alone? 12 seems like the magical age around here. I started babysitting the summer before 5th grade. I had a June birthday, so I was pretty young! So far Mica's a good kid. It's leaving him alone with Isaak that I could not see! I could just see it - they'd have wrestle matches that would go bad! 

  3. On Tuesday I ran all around town for Thursdays events. Either I got the days mixed up, or I was on the wrong month with my computer calendar.  

  4. You know how there's a Mrs. Clean Freak here at my work? Well there's a Mrs. Bossy Pants to. I don't have a problem with people telling me what to do. I think it's how they tell me. Heck Travis tells me stuff all the time. It doesn't bother me. Mrs. Bossy Pants bothers a lot of people.

    We have to do a design event every year. Like go to a speaker, or listen to a conference, go to a seminar, participate in a webinar, or listen to an online tutorial. Groovy. So many that I pick she's like, "Um no that won't work." I did one she sent my way. I took notes. She's like, "You need to answer my questions I sent you!" Later she came at me with something else. I responded with, "What did I do now?" Seriously! She's claimed that I've put something on the master calendar like 5 times over again. Each time I'm like, "Nope!" Instead of asking me it's like a jolt of attack. You did it didn't you!? I replied with, "I haven't done that since way back when when you first accused me of doing that. Do you think I want to get in trouble?" She left my office area. 

  5. So my phone wouldn't ring for like the longest time. It turned out that I had it on, Do Not Disturb. Travis figured it out. I told him that I knew I married him for a reason. So true. 


Eat To Live said...

Mrs Bossy Pants needs to get a life!!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Mrs Bossy Pants needs a kick in the pants.

Allison just turned 12, so we are letting her stay home alone here and there for small amounts of time. I think we let Mariah start at 12 too.

~ Noelle said...

Ha ha ha...
You and that phone keep having issues.
Did you get the lenses back?


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