Friday, February 26, 2016

Random Tid Bits

  1. This weekend I get to play single mom. Travis is going to Chicago for a dental conference. 

  2. I got Isaak's strep throat. I stayed home on Thursday. The kids do not have school Thursday or Friday. Isaak decided to cuddle with me. I figured why not? he already had strep throat. It's not like he's going to get it from me. He would not stop wiggling around. I got no extra rest. It's a good thing I didn't expect to get extra rest. Somehow I knew that staying home with the boys would be worse for my health. Ha!

  3. My Grandpa was feeling well enough to go home from the hospital earlier this week. His stats were A ok. Now he's been having fevers later this week, and actually had wet accidents. This is not like him. I guess he just had a horrible cold, but my mom is thinking he does in fact have a UTI. He's a pretty with it guy. I'm hoping he's not going downhill fast. He's in his 80s, and he's not getting any younger. So many people on that side of the family live into their 90s. 

  4. They said a warm up was on the way last week. It lasted a day or two. Now we're back gloom and doom, cold weather, and it snowed just enough to look like confetti on the grass. 

  5. Last night I woke up at 3 AM. I heard cats. We have wild cats that roam around. We've even taken baby cats to the Humane Society. I bumped Travis awake and said, "Do you hear that? Is that cats outside, or Mica playing Minecraft?" Right after I said that the noise stopped. The cats sounded like they were coming from a computer game. When we woke up, we asked Mica what he was doing at 3 in the morning? When we told him what we heard he had a smirk on his face. It was either a you caught me smirk, or a you guys are ridiculous smirk. Our boys haven't lied to us for a very long time that we know of. They know that they get in worse trouble when they lie. I wouldn't put it past any kid to lie at times though. No one is perfect. We didn't catch him, so he's innocent until proven guilty.

    Does anyone else think Minecraft has the worst effects?
    I like that kids can build things, but I hate the boxy feel.


Tina H said...

My oldest son went to the Chicago Mid Winter too.

I have been meaning to set GG up with Minecraft. Her brothers have played (oldest has his own server). I agree with you that the block images but with it doing well people must like it.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I don't understand the appeal of Minecraft. The graphics bug me!

mail4rosey said...

My sister in law works in a hospital. She was just telling me that it's so odd when people get UTIs they do and say things that are WAY off base for them. It's the weirdest thing. Hopefully that's all it is with your grandpa. :)

Masshole Mommy said...

I feel you on the single parent thing. Chris just told me the other day that he has to go to Oklahoma for 2 weeks in June for training. Ugh!

~ Noelle said...

UTI's in older people make them talk crazy (and act crazy too) then once it is cleared, they are back to normal. At least that was how it was with my grandparents...
Minecraft... I hate how addictive it is to all the kids. We limit it to weekends only! The graphics don't bother me, because I think that is a major appeal to the kids... it is like online lego. ha ha haaaaaaaaa


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