Monday, March 7, 2016

Question of the Month

Once a month, a bunch of us take part in a bloghop called Question of the Month. It's where we answer a question... of the month.

This month's question is "Have you ever met a hero/idol/major influence? How did it go?"

I haven't met anyone face to face, close enough to have a conversation with.

I have met some celebs from a distance.

Back in 2000 Danny Glover spoke at my grad school graduation. He's a better actor, than he is a public speaker. I also wouldn't say that he's someone I idolize.

Back in 1999 they filmed A Legend of Bagger Vance in Savannah, Georgia (where I went to school). I was hoping to meet Will Smith, or Matt Damon. Nope. I really only got to see the child actors in the film, and Robert Redford - who was the director of the movie. 

I'd have to say that I like the singers I've seen on stage: Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, and Ani DiFranco. I loved and related to many of their lyrics. Did I mention that I used to get made fun of because I liked girl singers? Some people joked that I was a lesbian. So what if I was? If I was a guy and liked guy singers, would that make me gay? So silly! Anyhow I like watching live performers! Tori Amos played 2 pianos at once. How cool!

So no I haven't talked face to face with anyone famous. Yes I've been up close to see famous people live. What about you?


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Danny Glover wouldn't be someone I admire though I have enjoyed some of his films. Funny what people said about liking women singers. I like singers for their performances, not their genders.

Kristi Maloney said...

I met celebrity chef Alton Brown through my blog. I didn't know who he was before the opportunity. I don't make it a point to watch him on TV. I would love to meet Kevin Spacey or Robin Wright who star in House of Cards. Love that show!!

Unknown said...

A lesbian for liking girl singers? That's the weirdest thing I've ever heard :/

A Life Examined

Unknown said...

I'm trying to clean up my Linky list for the bloghop and would like to delete your many entries and create a new one for you under the new blog title. Are you using the same email address?

Arlee Bird said...

I like girl singers for their talent, not that I'm in love with them. Though if given the chance I might have fallen in love with some of them. Yeah, that's pretty weird thinking you're a lesbian for appreciating female singers.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out

An Apel a Day said...

Michael, That email is fine, or I use to. Thank you!

Theresa Mahoney said...

No, I have never met anyone famous before. Jenny McCarthy was at our mall many years ago, but we didn't talk as she was surrounded by massive amounts of security. We get a lot of celebs in our area because of Notre Dame. Taylor Swift's brother went there for a few years, so she was here every once in a while. Bon Jovi, Vince Vaughn, Regis... we do get a lot of big names pass through, but I've never seen any of them and I live 5 minutes from campus.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

The last one I met was Donnie Wahlberg and Kendall Jenner before him. Well, I hope I can meet more great personalities down here :)

~ Noelle said...

I have been lucky to meet several celebrities over the years.
*( I have a slight celebrity obsession.)
I have not met any if a while though... need to step it up :)

mail4rosey said...

Years and years ago I was a waitress at Damon's and Tom Cruise and Paul Newman were in town for a big race. They were staying at the hotel connected to the restaurant and we were hoping they'd come in. But they didn't. That's as close as I've ever gotten to fame. ;)

Toi Thomas said...

Sorry you've been close but not close enough to a few celebs.
I think I'd like a chance to meet Robert Redford.
If people judged me based on the kind of music I listened to, they'd have to put me on an island by myself. I don't listen to only one thing.
You can like whoever you want.

Masshole Mommy said...

I met Greg Brady once LOL. Oh, and I met Donnie Wahlberg a few years ago. Swoon.


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