Thursday, June 16, 2016

Arbor Day Farm - Part 3

I heard so many good things about Arbor Day Farm that I wanted to visit.

There are 2 posts prior to this one about Arbor Day Farm.

Tucked away is a kid area. They have tables for arts and crafts, music, and another treehouse to climb on.

The boys loved the music area.

Right outside the kid area is a spider web they can climb on. Isaak in particular was drawn to this. He climbed on it when we walked by it, and when we were just about done with our trip to the farm.

They had 2 sets of sound things you could put your ears up to. It basically make the sounds of nature louder. It's pretty cool!

This squirrel seemed to pose for us. I wish I was quicker with my camera. I had plenty of time to take photos of it. It's just that at that time I had it put away - safe and sound in my purse where it belongs.

This butterfly seemed to follow us for awhile. I think it's a Papilio Troilus - thanks to a friend that apparently knows her butterflies. 

After seeing all my pictures it was worth the trip. Plan on it taking most of the day if you go here. They have a lot of trails. Some we didn't even go on. About the only negative thing I can say, is that the trails see to go off their map. We got lost. We tend to wander, then question where we're at. The map could have included more of their trails.

We didn't go to their apple stores. I would have liked to have done that. We were kind of beat at that time. It was in the 90s. 


Eat To Live said...

I would like to climb on that spider web thing. It looks like a huge hammock.

Theresa Mahoney said...

The noise thing to hear nature better really is neat.
That squirrel looks so relaxed lol.
The butterfly is really beautiful!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

look at that squirrel..I wish I could have a lazy day like that :)

~ Noelle said...

I love the kids area!!!
Broxton climbed on a smaller spider web thing at somewhere we were once.
Kids love that stuff


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