Friday, September 9, 2016

Random Tid Bits

  1. Even as my kids age they still crack me up. Mica thought it was great to go down the escalator like this:

  2. There were people behind him laughing. I had to hurry up and take the photo before he got off. The kids certainly get their goofiness from me, and I got it from my Dad.

  3. You may have remembered me bitching complaining frustrated with all my boy's skin issues over time. It seems like I call their doctor for skin issues more than anything else. It's usually unrelated things too. Anyhow Mica got a toenail infection at camp in July. I was told by doctors that there is nothing out there to treat toenail infections for kids. I was told by others that it would take over 3 years to get rid of it; if it would go away.

    I tried Henna (in India they use that to treat infections as well as an art on the skin). It turned his toe brown.

    He soaked his foot in yellow mouthwash (used to be used as a sterilizer in the hospital), and non distilled apple cider vinegar. A 50/50 mix. He did this for 20 minutes a day.

    He applied a mix of coconut oil, tea tree oil, lavender, and lemongrass oil once a day.

    He applied Vics Vapor Rub once a day.

    I had to try and get him to keep his shoes and socks off when he was at home as much as possible. I did miss my errand boy. He used to fetch things for me, and take trash out. I'm happy to note that his toenail is growing in normal! I'm keeping up with the treatment until it's all grown out. We had a little debate about that. Travis and Mica felt we could stop treatment. I felt we should continue until his toenail is all back to normal, since fungus toenails can spread. I let the doctor make the call on that. He agreed with me. He even said what I was saying, "What does it hurt?" It's just time really.

  4. Lately I've been taking photos that don't really fit into 1 single post. Here's a photo of it raining. I love to capture it slamming against my windshield. Of course I was at a stop light. I would never text, take photos, or be on my phone while I'm driving.

  5. The boys liked getting in this Telsa ModelS75D when we were shopping in the Plaza in Kansas City, MO. I have to admit the color is sweet! There was a white model that had side doors that flew open like the Delorean in The Back to the Future. I wonder how that would work in a garage? 

  6. Last, but not least this shadow looks like Batman. I see it every time I walk around the building at work.

What's random in your life?


Mandy said...

So what treatment did you end up going with for your son's fungus toenail? Does he have to do all 3 of those things (mouthwash/vinegar, coconut oil, and vics) every day? And if so, how do you stay on top of him and get him to do it EVERY day? I'm guessing he gets to play video games or whatnot while he's doing this otherwise I'm sure he'd go out of his mind crazy.

I'd also be amused to know how a delorean would work in a garage. Could be interesting… ;)

Side note: None of your pics seem to be loading on this post or the next one . Not sure if it's just me… May want to check it out?

Theresa Mahoney said...

Good call on the toenail. I'd continue the routine as well until it is fully grown.

Allison likes to do silly things on the escalator too. I have a slight fear when I am on them that I am going to get feet stuck in the crack when getting off lol

~ Noelle said...

Broxton HATES the escalator. I think because he kept goofing off on it and I told him to be careful or he could get hurt... now he is not a fan. oops.

Good call on the toenail. I would keep at it till it was all back to normal. I mean, best to be sure than let it get worse and have to start all over again, right?

The pics.. LOVE THEM. I think camera phones are awesome for taking random shots of things!

mail4rosey said...

I'd keep up with the toenail treatment too. The shadow does look like Batman. :)

Harry Flashman said...

Just about everything is random for the wife and I these days.

I liked the whimsical pictures you took. I never had a flair for off the cuff photos but I enjoy them.

I would have thought the high and mighty doctors could have just sprayed something on the toenail and cured it right away. I once knew a doctor at our gun club, and he told me that medicine isn't really all that far advanced from the Civil War era, he said people just think it is because of all the smoke and mirrors the doctors use today.


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