Friday, March 10, 2017

Random Tid Bits

  1. I love listening to the stories of the Dalai Lama in a CD I won called The Book of Joy. I won it off of Mom's Own Words. He's all about peace, which is what we need right now. I get sick of negativity, people being put down, and being called names: left wing, right wing, and so on. I say it's name calling because those terms are generally used in a negative context. Even our president, and last president I've heard being called names. If one doesn't agree with someone, does it give them the right to call that person a name? I don't think so. We learned that when we were in elementary school. I wish just once that we could see that we all have differences. I wish we could see one another from all sides like Picasso drew. Maybe our differences is all we have in common. That's ok. I wish you all even though we may be different - peace, love, happiness, and understanding in this difficult thing we call life.

  2. Lately I've been swiped - unfriended on facebook by two people. Most normally I wouldn't care. I do care. Why does it bother me? I just wish they'd message me a heads up, so I could understand what I did wrong. After all we're adults. If I said something offensive I could apologize. I have no way of knowing what I said, posted, or did to swipe me from their friend list.

    There was one person I unfriended. The reason? She attacked another friend on a thread I posted. I won't stand for attacking others. Especially when they didn't know each other. Typically I'm for free speech. Even if I disagree with you - I won't defriend you. That's just not in my character. 

  3. Mica has an interesting way of looking at things at times. Yes sometimes I learn things through my own children. He said, "Mom I just don't understand why kids my age (11) would have a facebook page. It's not legal to have one at my age. You have to lie about your age to have one." He's very matter of fact about everything. On safety patrol if someone is not following the rules they get written up by Mica. It doesn't matter if they are friend or foe. I like that neutral quality about him. He's very by the book.

    There are times when his loved trait can be a not so good trait. Everything has a little yin and yang to it. He points out when he thinks something isn't fair. He said, "Mom the leader at camp only gives candy to some kids who win. That isn't fair. They should give it to all the kids in my opinion." I said, "Mica then all the kids in the camp would have nothing to work toward. There would be no goals to achieve. By only giving candy to the winners, others will try harder the next time." I think he got it. Remember he was raised in a society where all the kids get a ribbon no matter if they won something, or not.

    If you're a rule breaker, or not a very fair person stay clear of Mica. If you a fair person that follows the rules he'll be your best friend ever!

  4. Isaak is sweet and sour. Don't cross him! He won't let you forget it. Be nice to him, and he'll have your back like he has his own back. He's managed to hang on to his friends for all of elementary except 1. That 1 has issues at home, feeds off of negative behavior, so he lost the whole group.

  5. There's always one student in every class that seems to want to call the teacher out on their mistakes. I have one in each class right now. I'm far from perfect! I will admit that. One I can handle. The other I steer away from. She called me out last week. I was going over multicultural design. I was talking about how we don't eat bugs here, but how they do in other countries. I had a video that was featured on Fast Company's blog some time ago that had a company that was proposing the idea. She looked it up on her cell phone trying to figure out if the company went anywhere. Apparently they didn't get the company off the ground. I did find it, but the design was horrible. Part of me wonders if the company that proposed the big idea got bought out. First off they are not supposed to be on their cell phones during lecture - period. Second I never said the company went anywhere. I only proposed it as an idea. Third I connected it to the news that discussed a few weeks ago that a group at University of Lincoln is making bug products to sell for protein. The way this student says things is like - ha I got you! It's like she's trying to make someone feel small. Have you ever had anyone in your life try to push you down, and make you feel small?


Robin said...

This would be a fun game to play with my grandsons. I gave them a rock tumbler at Christmas. We've had many collections at our home, I used to collect some figurine lines, but do not do so any longer.

~ Noelle said...

I love how your boys are both so independent and know exactly who the are. You and Travis are great parents. As for those putting you down, I can't stand people like that.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I've only taken a few people off my Facebook, but they know exactly what they did to get removed. I've had about 5 people delete me over the years, but could give a flying fig about it. 2 of them were mad at my mom, so I was guilty by association and got the boot. Seriously, that's some childish behavior right there, but whatever.

Glad your boys know how to stand their ground and speak up when they don't think something is fair. My oldest is by the book too, but she has a hard time with confrontation.

Mandy said...

Ohmygosh that student! Argh. Kudos to you for holding it together. Design isn't always about "making it", sometimes it's just about being original/creative with your ideas.


I am so sorry about your facebook troubles. I've quit posting because I always feel like everyone is attacking me. Not that I ever posted much, to begin with … and I would still defend anyone who was being attacked that I agree with. I've considered dropping it, but my blog is attached to my facebook page and I just started working on that… *sigh* I really don't like the facebook platform. :(


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