Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Greats


We had our big family Easter on Saturday.

Everyone brings different things to eat. I made a veggie tray and green tea matcha sugar cookies. There were only 8 small cookies left, so the kids must have loved them. There was a whole buffet of desserts. Travis made a rice dish.

All the littles with my Grandpa. He's a Great Grandpa to all these kids - except one. Isaak's in the light purple shirt, and Mica's poking out behind him. He has 9 grandchild (including me), and 15 great grandchildren. The girl in the red pants in the back was put into this group, but she's a grandchild, not a great grandchild.

My Aunt Becky puts on a big Easter Egg Hunt. I added a few things to the hunt that I've gotten for review: Glow in the Dark Rings and yo-yos, and cat and dog dry erasers. 

Here's my parents with their grandchildren:

Do you have a big family get together?


Theresa Mahoney said...

Lovely family photos. I always love seeing your grandpa with all of his grandchildren :) We just do Easter with Jason's family, which is relatively small. I am not sure I'm up for big shindigs these days, so that suits me just fine.

~ Noelle said...

Our Easter was nice.. we actually went back home and spent it with family this year.
My kids had a great time ;)


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