Friday, May 5, 2017

Random Tid Bits

  1. It's getting down to the wire...semester wise. I imagine I'll be just as busy as I am now the rest of the year. It was a pretty good year overall. There's only about 3 students in 3 classes that were unmotivated, or problem like. That's WAY better then last year.

    Guess what? I get last years class back again next year. I have them in 1st year, don't teach them in 2nd year, and get them back again in 3rd year. I've listened to the 2nd year teachers complain about them. Most of that class is very happy to get C's, they don't care about deadlines, are hardly here, and will be hard to place. I hope the class doesn't shut my workplace down! Seriously I could see the placement numbers being that low for the class that doesn't care.

    Enough negativity, I'm happy with my student's this year! They are hard workers, happy, respectful, and get their work done! :)

  2. Medical bills are flooding me. I'm feeling stressed about that. It's only going to get worse. My 3 allergy shots will not be covered by insurance. I begged for taking them every other week, but he said it's too dangerous. So far no reactions. They are diluted in the beginning. Part of me wants to say, "Come on shoot me up, so I feel it! I'm spending $$$$ on this!" 

  3. I saw this doll in a store called Tuesday Morning. Do you have that store where you live? They have discount things in it. Certainly better than other discount stores. Anyhow it's an old man that speaks Spanish. Kind of odd. Ha!

  4. Mica's been oh so moody. I wonder if it's his age (puberty), or just that he doesn't feel well (allergies)? The boys don't have allergies allergies as bad as I do, but they have them. 

  5. They've kind of dropped my past student's murder case in the news. He was the one that got murdered. I unfortunately was thinking it was drug related. :(

    His case brings up the questions - Do you think some cases are dropped quickly because of where the situation happened (like a bad part of town), or the nature of the case (like drug, or prostitution related for example)?

    While it is true that some people play with fire more than others. I still think every life is important. One person growing up on the streets could end up changing their life around.

    A person I went to grad school with was like that. He was a drunk living on the street. He decided to turn his life around, went to college, and did so well he was valedictorian. His speech was amazing!


Mandy said...

You taught someone who has a murder charge against him?!? Ack.

My biggest fear is that some cases are dropped because other cases come up that are more important. Or that the officers get lazy. Did you ever listen to the podcast Serial? I'm specifically talking about season 1 ( The guy is charged with the death of his ex-gf, but he believes he's innocent even though he can't remember exactly where he was or what he was doing during the time of the murder. It's a true story. But, supposedly in this particular case, the police may have misrepresented the evidence against the guy to get him convicted so that they could move on with their lives, their money, etc…

I certainly hope that the case against the kid you taught isn't as in depth as all of this (Hopefully he's guilty or not), but anything is possible. *sigh*

Anyway, that Spanish-speaking doll is weird. Wonder how they came up with it? On the upside, yay for kids that want to learn a second language! :)

An Apel a Day said...

My student was the one that got murdered. :( He was shot in the back. It happened in the wrong part of town. He has a two year old girl that was left behind.

~ Noelle said...

That is odd for Tuesday Morning... at least at ours it tends to be more kitchen /decoration... But hey, maybe its for spanish kids?
I don't know...

Hope you get better soon. I know the bills must be crazy, but in the end... it will be worth it, right? :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

I don't like our Tuesday Morning. It's crowded and dirty so I never go in there.

I feel you on the medical bills. Every time I turn around, a new one comes in the mail. I've already hit my deductible for this year, so hopefully we'll feel some relief soon!

csuhpat1 said...

A lot of time cases are dropped because the witnesses are too scared to testify in court or give statements to police.


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