Friday, May 19, 2017

Random Tid Bits

I'm going to try and think up what we've talked about this week. Welcome to our sick, twisted way of thinking.

  1. We went to Tractor Supply Company. We were walking around just looking at things. All the sudden we came to the section where there were a bunch of axes.

    Mica said, "Oh this is the spot where people get axes to hack up little children." Say what?! I laughed, but wondering if I should be worried. 

  2. I was driving, and saw someone with their arm stuck out of their window. I thought to myself, That's disturbing when people do that. What if they got side swiped? They'd no longer have an arm. I told Travis that when I got home. He said, "Only you would think that way." I said, "Just think about all those single shoes you see on the interstate, or highway. It's always just one shoe. What if there were lonely arms laying around like that?" By that time I was laughing so hard tears were flowing from my eyes.

  3. Isaak's love for paper continues. He now likes cutting out paper chain dolls. I happen to love this about him. I love that I find them in odd spots. He's all boy, but gets into sparkly gold, and crafts. I like that he's not afraid to be himself. 

  4. I had Travis draw a line down my face to see how crooked my nose looks on the outside.

    I left the line on my face for 1/2 a day. Travis is like, "Are you ever going to take that line off?" I said, "Maybe." One of my old students posted this:

    I was cracking up! Maybe I'll have nightmares. I look like an alien or the late Michael Jackson in the first one, and a Gorge character from Fraggle Rock in the second one. 

  5. Gorge Character from Fraggle Rock

  6. The Education Director asks me for my files for my Friday class every time when she's going over them on Thursday. She says they are missing. I reply back with, "That class hasn't happened yet." May I can get a DeLorean, and time travel to get my final grades, video, review, and test results just to get her my files early. It was seriously funny the first time. Now it's a moment in time where I want to slap my forehead and say, "Jeez-us!"


Theresa Mahoney said...

Jason drives with his arm out the window. Lost his wedding ring down the highway doing that. Good thing it wasn't his arm lol!

Harry Flashman said...

I think you have a nice looking face. It reminds me of a Roman statue I saw in the Naples, Italy national museum. You have no worries on that account.

Mandy said...

I love that Isaak cuts out paper chain dolls and that you randomly find them! How fun!

On another note, are you sure you trust Travis to draw a straight line? Especially on a facial feature that already protrudes like your nose? It kind of looks like he was off a bit, but then again maybe your nose really is that crooked? :)

An Apel a Day said...

@Mandy - Remember Travis went to art school as well. He has better precision skills than I do. He works on itty bitty teeth for his daily job, and taught himself how to set stones. My nose is really that messed up. LOL

~ Noelle said...

I used to ride with my arm out waving it up and down. NOT anymore.
So glad you are having that surgery!


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