Thursday, September 21, 2017

TNT Old Time Photo

When Isaak got the magic prize from the Hamners' Unbelievable Magic Show, I decided we would go to TNT Old Time Photo to get a free 8x10. The rest of my family wasn't as excited as I was about getting an old photo taken. They are never excited about photos like I am.

It was one of the best photo places! If you go to any photo place it's best to schedule a time to go in. We called them the night before to get our reservation. The day of I grabbed the ad thinking it was the coupon. When we got there Travis had to back peddle it to our hotel, for our coupon.

I was thinking the people that worked there would get frustrated with us because they had to wait on Travis, which was my fault. They were wonderful!

I let Isaak choose what theme to go with. He said, "How we look now." I said, "No a theme up there." pointing to gangsters, Victorian times, or hillbillies. Thankfully he picked gangsters over hillbillies.

They got us ready. The boys loved that they got to actually hold a gun for a photo.

Travis showed up, and they got him ready in a hurry.

They took many photos that were well done! 

Have you ever went to get photos, and the person having you pick the pictures were pushing for you to get whole package deals? They did bring up package deals, but weren't pushy. I loved that! They showed us our options, but didn't get pushy with those either. 

We paid $5.00 extra to get a slight color added. Isaak got to pick, which photo we ended up with. We were between 2. I could tell he enjoyed the fact that he got to make the decision. 

Have you ever gotten an old time photo of your family?


Theresa Mahoney said...

I always love these old time photos. You guys look so great! I'm happy Isaak got to pick the photo, especially after the magic show let down!

Terra Heck said...

The photo turned out great! I had one done many, many years ago. Would be fun to do it again.

~ Noelle said...

Yall do so many fun things!
I love the photo!!!!


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