Monday, October 30, 2017

Art Opening

My husband had his residency opening at El Museo Latino a few weeks ago.

I remember when he applied to it he was nervous because of how little Mexican is in his blood. He's just as Mexican as Frida Kahlo is. His Grandpa was 100% Mexican.

It was a 2 month residency during June and July. Boy with my nose surgery, and his residency we were ultra busy! I thought for sure he'd make many of the dinners, but thankfully I had some things made ahead of time in the freezer.  Travis wanted to be in the studio as much as possible.

He talks about his residency project here. He made Nomads, which was carved out of Limestone, and yucca's that he dug up on a trip were planted into the sculpture.

Travis showed up to his opening with rain water in a squirt bottle to water the yucca's. 

He had a few other pieces in the show. Then 2 other artists showed along with him. 

At the opening they had Salsa Dancing lessons. None of use got into it except for Isaak. He couldn't wait to dance. 

Here Isaak is dancing with one of Travis' bosses:

It's not the best photo, but they sure did have fun! 

This Friday we're heading out to art openings. We haven't been in awhile. For the last 2 Fridays we've had our nephew's Edison (3), Elijah (9) and Evan (12) over to spend the night. It's been busy with 5 boys in the house. 

Do you ever go to art openings? Usually they are the first Friday of the month where we live.


csuhpat1 said...

Very nice.

Theresa Mahoney said...

We don't have art openings here, just small art shows in the summer downtown (outside). That's so cool that Travis was accepted. I think his work is really amazing. He should be so proud of himself!

Mandy said...

He carved limestone? I have no idea what that must have been like, but it doesn't sound easy! And the added plant looks very cool.

Either Isaak is pretty tall or Travis's boss is short. lol. I love salsa! It's awesome that your boys had a chance to learn! :)

An Apel a Day said...

My sons are both tall. I think Travis' boss is short.


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