Monday, October 30, 2017

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers With FM Radio

Mica's addicted to music. He plays Queen the most, but likes other bands/singers as well.

I'm so happy to give him this Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers With FM Radio made by: Ancord for Christmas. You can get it on Amazon Prime for $26.98:

Come With:
  • Speaker that's also an FM Radio
  • 2 cords
  • A Manual 
You can add a 3 year $1.84 or 4 year $3.87 warranty. The cost isn't a lot. I just usually don't get the added warranty for something that isn't that much money.

  • I got green to review. It's more of an army green color.
  • They also have an orange, which is a rusty orange color. 
I really like both colors!

Easy to Use

It has 2 cords.

Play time lasts up to 12 hours!

It does have bluetooth capabilities. I didn't play with this too much. It's going to be for Mica's phone, not mine. 

The circle button just needs to be held until a blue light comes on. Then you can start to hear sound. One click of a button will change it to FM radio, which is handy for an emergency tornado, snow storm, or other crazy event that may occur. 

I love the cord that is durable! 

It's Waterproof!

I'm not saying it should be taken into the water, but it can go around water without too many worries.

  • One can take it into the bathroom when taking a shower or bath
  • One can take it to a pool to set on the deck, while dipping in for a swim.
  • One can set it on the edge of a hot tub. 
  • It can be placed on a towel at the beach. 
  • It can be set on the counter, while dishes are being washed. 
Maybe I can get Mica to wash dishes more than before. He can add music to the process.  ;)

I don't really have anything negative to say about this device just yet. I like that it's durable!

Do you have a speaker for your phone, or device that you like? 

Disclaimer: I received this speaker for the purpose of this review. Ancord did not influence me to write a positive review. The opinions in this post are my own. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

It does look like a nice speaker. I like that it is waterproof, especially if it's going to be used around kids. I've had a fair share of electronics get damaged because of spills.

mail4rosey said...

If it works for inspiring kids to do dishes, let me know. I'll buy a dozen!! :) I do like to have a speaker. This one looks/sounds like a good choice to get for a stocking stuffer too!


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