Monday, October 16, 2017

We Need a Bigger Couch

This weekend we took in our nephews: Evan (age 12), Elijah (age 9) and Edison (age 3). 

It's great that 2 of my nephews are only a few months apart from my boys. We used to watch them a few days a week when they were itty bitty. They are certainly not strangers to the Apel house.

Their brother Emerson (6) is still in the hospital battling seizures. They keep trying different meds, which have all kinds of side effects. Emerson has been sleepy, but can't sleep. The boy needed O2. He can't go to the bathroom, so they put in a catheter. His skin and lips are dry. Then just tested his thyroid, and it's on the underactive side. My sister keeps wanting to know the meds they put him on, and why. They look at her with a blank stare. She has her masters in nursing education. She keeps that under wraps just in case they expect her to do everything for Emerson. A few doctors are talking about sending him to an Epilepsy Center, which the closest one my sister would send him to is in Cleveland, Ohio. YIKES!

With all that stress we tried to be upbeat with Emerson's brothers. 

I forgot how much a 3 year old loves to help! He gathered produce from our garden with Travis. He helped me make a cake for Cake Walk at Isaak's school, and he helped me make Lego Gummies. Edison was much more excited about chores than my boys. Ha!

It's good Edison had fun. I can't imagine the stress in his little life with his mom and brother always at the hospital for a week. It doesn't look like they are coming home anytime soon.

Edison loves Isaak! I asked Edison, "Where's Isaak?" He responded with, "You mean my buddy?" I said, "Ya him." He went to get Isaak for me.

These boys seem to all get a long very well. 

It looks like we could use a longer couch! I'd love to go shopping for a Living Room Furniture Set! I'd love to get a 5 Piece Sectional Living Room Set! Then the boys could spread out a bit.

If I had a sectional, I'd have plenty of room to put the boys in blankets, and toss them up onto the couch. Isaak still thinks he's small enough for a blanket toss. Trust me he's getting heavy. My nephew Edison is the perfect age for that though! It is pretty fun!

What piece of furniture would you like to replace? 


Theresa Mahoney said...

That's so wonderful that all the boys get along so well.

We did just replace some furniture. We ended up getting a new couch and love seat and we also bought a whole new bedroom set. Ours was 20 years old and falling apart. It was definitely needed.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

That reminds me of my childhood! I do have a lot of cousins a s well and boy we had tons of fun time!


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