Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sviuse Women’s PU Leather Tote Review

Sviuse Women’s PU Leather Handbag/Purse is certainly classy!


The front has front zippers that are decorative. I think they look fashionable. I could see a Mom that has tiny kids being annoyed because children love to zip and unzip things. For me it's perfect.


Has a small pocket. This small pocket is great for keys, loose change, or if you're caring jewelry on a trip.


There really wasn't a lot on the sides. I am kind of bummed it doesn't have side pockets. That's one thing I love about the purse I currently have. It's starting to get worn out, and that's why I needed a new purse.


There are different pockets on the inside. Enough to put cards, change, and bigger things like a phone.

The top has small handheld straps, but hooks on the sides to put on a shoulder strap. I actually use both. Usually I use the shoulder straps, but if I'm in a crowd where I'm nervous about theft I'll use the handheld straps. I also use the handheld straps if the purse has heavy things in that are weighing on my shoulders.


It only comes in black. Now I do know that they brand sells other purses in different colors. I wish they had a drop down menu for other colors. Colors I think many people would appreciate: Dark Brown, a Red Brown, Grey, Yellow Ochre and Red. What colors would you like to see them carry? 


$39.89 on Amazon Prime

Other Details: 

It’s leather, water resistant, and dust proof.


Do you call your or your wife's bag a purse, a handbag, a tote, or something else?


Disclaimer: I got this purse in exchange for an honest review. This company didn't influence my review. I only review products I think will fit my family, or my readers.


Theresa Mahoney said...

It is a really nice bag. My mom usually buys black because she works in a factory and her bags always pick up dirt there. I like to go with more blues, reds and greens though.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Bags! can't never get enough of it :). I have so many of them but my fave is always the colorful one, especially purple :)


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