Monday, December 4, 2017

Fall Sugar Cookie Recipe

Colorful fall leaves didn't happen in Nebraska very much this year. Were leaves all colorful where you live? It's like the leaves went to brown, fell off, and dried up. I do love the crunchy sound under my feet when I step on them.

As much as I would have loved to collect leaves for their colors, I didn't. Someday I'd love to go to a place that has an array of colors. I'll iron them, and put them flat in a book.

This cookie craft will show up on ParentSavvy's Website. Different pictures and writing of course.

Before Thanksgiving happened I made some Fall Sugar Cookies:

I only ate 3. The rest went to coworkers. Travis and I joke that the only reason he was hired at his current work place is because they missed my cookies. He worked at a place for years. His boss ran the company into the ground. Then he was hired on by a company in the same building. His boss asked almost as soon as he was hired, "Can you ask your wife to bring in some cookies?" Ha!

Making them is really pretty easy! Whisk the softened butter, milk, sugar and eggs. I often use almond milk, and sometimes use Costco's Gluten Free All Purpose Flour. I only do that because I have a coworker that's prone to having Celiac Disease. Other times I make it how I want, and she just won't eat any.

Then start to add the rest of the ingredients.

Often times I just start making them. If I'm in a cookie mode, I don't want to stop. Other times I chill them.

I sprinkle flour all over a clean surface to begin rolling the dough out. Try and cut the cookies as close to one another as possible. I roll the dough to be as thin as I can. The more you work with the dough the harder it gets to roll. I have added a tiny bit of water just to make the dough rollable again if it gets difficult.

Sur La Table had the fall leaf and acorn cutters I'm using. I know they are pricy, but these cutters weren't so bad.

Lightly spray the pans with a cooking spray. The two I like to use for cookie are the butter spray and the flour spray. Any will do. The flour spray can be a pain on the nozzle of the spray. If you do use that one, plan to use it for lots of baking things. Then it won't have time to clog up.

I fill 2 pans full of cookies before I turn the oven on to 350 degrees. Then that way while those 2 pans are baking, I roll and cut more. I alternate pans. 4 min in the bottom for one, 4 min in the top for the other, and switch them.

Any broken ones that happen the boys get to eat. I caught Mica accidentally dropping one to eat it.


Let them cool all the way before frosting them. I mix up colors, and add coco powder to make them neutral.

I found Wilton Sprinkles - Turtle Crunch that's perfect for the tops of acorns.

I put some sprinkles in a small snack bowl for Isaak. I frosted them with a rubber baby spoon, and he dipped the tops of the acorns in the sprinkles.

I think the plates turned out nice! I have 3 plates: 1 for each of our works, and 1 for my 1st year students. While I'd love to make the red more vibrant, I hate adding a whole lot of red food coloring. It's the worst color health wise for you.

Did you make any fall recipes?

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Theresa Mahoney said...

Sugar cookies are my favorite. I love how you made yours all colorful!


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