Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Prebiotic Gummies Review By BeLive

Prebiotic Sugar-Free Dietary Fiber Gummies Supplement for Digestive Health are a wonderful supplement for anyone that has digestive issues. You can get these gummies here: for $9.99.

They came sealed really well. A plastic was on the lid. A covering was over the top. I was a little sad that the bottle wasn't filled up as much as the picture shows on Amazon.

They are bigger than most pills, but they are gummies meant to be chewed.

At our house we go through times where we do have tummy problems, but it's been awhile. Isaak's been in the hospital because he had issues going number 2. I thought it was possible that he had to get his appendix out. Nope he was just full! 

At times one of the boys, or I will get a tummy bug that's hard to get rid of. We try the BRAT diet, but even that seems to take awhile to work. These prebiotics will help!


  • They are made in the USA! I love this. So much is made outside the US. 
  • They are sugar free. I don't need the extra sugar that comes in everything. 
  • They are made for kids and adults. This is great because Isaak needs a fiber boost at times.

They Contain:

  • Chicory Root 
  • Inulin 

These things are highly effective fibers to improve digestive function, control blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels, and helps in achieving a healthy weight.

They Don't Contain:

  • Gelatin 
  • Other meat substances 
  • Gluten
  • Wheat
  • Peanuts
  • Soy
  • Eggs
  • Fish and Shellfish
  • GMO substances

No need to refrigerate!

Do you take probiotics, or prebiotics?

Disclaimer: We got this product in exchange for our opinion on them. The company in no way told me what to write, or influenced me in any way.

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Theresa Mahoney said...

I like that they are gummie form. It makes it easier to get the kids to take them that way.


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