Monday, December 18, 2017

Isaak Loves to Make Noise

I know I've been bad about blogging lately. I've been on the computer so much, that I just needed a bit of a break from blogging.

It's also hard because I can't take photos ANYTIME. It's dark when I wake up to when I need to leave to go to work. Then it's dark when I get home. I get really frustrated about the lack of sunlight this time of year. I just love posting a photo or photos with posts. It's just so hard to get good ones.

Isaak wanted a drone for Christmas. He's not getting one. I just think it's one of those toys that he plays with a handful of times, then it just sits in the box. Plus many drones say for ages 14 and up. Isaak's 9. Just a few days ago he said, "I'd like to have a hover board." He won't be getting that either. It may be a disappointing Christmas for him. Oh trust me he's getting things; just not those two things.

When you were a kid, did you have a certain Christmas where you were disappointed with what you got? 

I remember I wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid. I got a homemade doll. I didn't want to seem ungrateful. The following year I got that Cabbage Patch Kid. Kids can't always get everything they want.

Isaak's getting a Lego set he wants, a gold fidget spinner he asked for, nice headphones for his kindle, a Spirograph, a leather wallet, he's getting a few other toys, a game, the Lego Batman movie, and some clothes. Mica's pretty much getting the same things with variation.

Truth be told: Isaak hardly plays with any toys. He likes crafts, art, music, basketball, chess, other games and playing outside.

One thing he asked for last year was a keyboard. I got a cheap keyboard. I just didn't know how much he'd use it. It's the one thing I wish I would have splurged on. The boy plays it daily. You can't even play 2 keys at once.


Isaak sits in his room pounding away on his cheap $15 keyboard. Then he stops and starts singing, "Shot through the heart and you're to blame. Darlin' you give love, a bad name."

Isaak is so me, and Mica is so Travis when you get to the core of their personalities. 

Mica at 8:10: Isaak stop pounding on that keyboard!

Isaak kept on playing.

Mica: Isaak it's time for bed. STOP!

Isaak played hard, and faster.

All the while Travis and I are in the kitchen giggling because Mica's the serious one that abides by rules. Isaak's the goofy one that pokes Mica with teasing him non stop. Mica can have fun too, but not when he's supposed to be in bed. Yes they still go to bed that early because they wake up with the chickens. Listening to them fight was like listening to Travis and I fight.

It's interesting...some nights I get so annoyed with their fighting. Even the sounds of their voices make me want to scream. There's nights like the night above where I felt like laughing at them. I found them amusing. I wonder why parents are that way? Possibly we're that way with everyone. I love my husband, but I need time to myself too.

A month or so ago I saw a harmonica in an end cap at a store. I'm not a shopper. Seriously I've been to 3 stores besides grocery shopping. 

Travis a day ago: I could see Isaak really enjoying a harmonica in his stocking.

Me: I thought about that. The boy loves to make noise. He's either singing, playing his violin, playing his keyboard, or creating something. I thought Isaak having a harmonica might drive you and Mica to your breaking points.

Travis: Just get him one. He'd love it!

Me: Where in the heck did I see one? I can not remember! I saw one somewhere!

Travis: Just get one off Amazon.

Isaak's harmonica is supposed to get here before Christmas. Guess what? I found a gold one. His favorite color. Well not quite. He likes Sparkly Shimmery Shiny Gold. He'll tell you that too. I couldn't find a Sparkly Shimmery Shiny Gold one. You know one that looks like it has gold glitter. 

He may not be getting a drone or a hover board, but by golly he's getting a harmonica.  

What gift are you excited to give someone?


sunshine said...

Santa is bringing a ps4. Broxton has been begging for 2 years, I am so excited.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I think he will love adding the harmonica to his musical collection. So cool they had one available in gold for him.

My kids were super boring to buy for this year. They got a lot of clothes. At the beginning of December she asked if she could get a pair of Timberland boots for Christmas. It was a no go because the ones she wanted were like $125 on eBay. I bought her Doc Martens last year and she needs to wear those out before I splurge on another expensive pair of shoes.

She is getting her ears pierced tomorrow for her birthday, so hopefully she'll be happy with that.


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