Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pinkeye, Pinkeye, Influenza, Influenza

Mica got sick with a virus shortly after he had surgery. It was right after New Years. It turned into pinkeye. Thank goodness for an on call nurse at the pediatrician's office. They called in drops for Mica's eyes. We didn't need to make the trip into the germ infested Urgent Care, where we would also bring germs to. His pinkeye went away in 2 days.

5 days later I got sick. I started feeling better, and stopped by an art opening. My Mom said, "Your eyes are pink!" I had just looked in the mirror right before I left. Sure enough I got pinkeye too. That night I couldn't even open my eyes up. I looked like a stoned boxer that was in a fight. No matter how many times I'd clean my eyes they'd goop right up again.

One thing I learned from Mica's nurse was to clean pinkeyes with wet cotton balls. Then you can just throw them out. I had to do a few hot washcloths to take the swelling down.

It was course the weekend again! My doctor's office doesn't have an on call nurse. So I did what I wasn't supposed to do; I used Mica's drops for my eyes. It worked, but it took me 4 days to get over my pinkeye. My eyes were still still sore for a few days after that.

On Wednesday Travis came down with something. I thought for sure it was the virus leading in to pinkeye too. He never got pinkeye. He's been dead to the world though. I'm pretty sure he had Influenza. More than likely a small strain. Travis never got a fever. 

Now Mica's been sneezing, snotting, has a headache, and body aches. I think he has what Travis had. He slept almost all day. He doesn't have a fever either.

So far it's skipped Isaak. *Figures crossed he doesn't get it!

I've been cleaning and doing laundry like mad! Since it was warmer today I opened the house up. 

Has anyone in your family been sick?


csuhpat1 said...

I hope everybody gets better.

Harry Flashman said...

I'm sure sorry you are all having to deal with that. Pink Eye is bad enough, but the flu is just awful. Seems like the flu this season is particularly bad, Georgia is certainly having a rough time of it.

Maybe you will all get better soon, I hope so. Spring is still six weeks away for us here in Georgia, if normal times hold. But with the strange weather, who knows? I think we all feel better in Spring.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Ugh! Hope you all feel better soon and those nasty illnesses are done for a while. Jason and I both got sick. His only lasted a few days where mine lasted 2 weeks. I feel better now, but it was so stressful being sick when I had so much to get done!

Veronica Lee said...

Hope you all get better soon, A.

A month ago, Rodney was the first to get sick, then Hubby, followed by Josh. I was the last but it took me an entire week to recover. We all had the flu.

Becca said...

OMG, you have been having a really rough time! I am fighting really hard to stay healthy this winter. I found Ricola immunity gummies which have been amazing! I also got a flu shot which has hopefully helped.

mail4rosey said...

My classrooms have been filled with sick kids. I've stocked up on hand sanitizer, but they're sneezing and snotting too. So far, so good, and I hope, hope, hope I don't get anything. Sorry you all had rounds with various things! Bummer!

sunshine said...

Oh no, hope y'all are all over all the germs. We have had our share, but hope it's all in the past now


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