Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How to be a Mindful Mommy

Becoming a parent is, of course, a huge blessing and a wonderful experience: nothing quite compares to being a mommy. It’s also true though, that since the birth of your little love, you’ve likely struggled to find much time for yourself; the morning flies by before you’ve had a chance to brush your hair and change out of your pajamas. January quickly becomes June, and other than marking the milestones in your baby’s development, life becomes a bit of a blur!

If you can relate to this feeling, then perhaps introducing some elements of mindfulness in your daily life will help you reconnect.

Make Mindful Movements

The next time you’re walking around the block, with your little one in a stroller, take a moment to really observe the space around you. Look at your neighbors’ front doors: how many different colors can you count? Getting into the practice of being alert and connected to your surroundings, rather than inside your mind with an internal monologue planning what else needs to be done in the day, will allow you to take greater ownership of your time.

Even if you’re housebound most of the day, you can make your movements more mindful when doing anything from brushing your teeth to chopping vegetables.

Use the Time You Get to Nurture Yourself

Regardless of whether your child takes long or short naps, you can steal back little portions of time and spend them on yourself. For sure, get the dishes washed and toys packed away so you’ve got space to breathe, and then sit yourself down for a short meditation practice. You can feel the benefits from even 5 minutes spent breathing mindfully; reducing stress and anxiety, especially if you’re having a stressful day.

You don’t even need to put your child down to sleep to meditate, by purchasing a baby mobile or sound machine, the little one can be simply taking their own timeout while you do the same. If you’re worried about leaving them awake and unattended, take a comfortable seat on the floor of their nursery — you never know, you might find the sound machine calming for you too! If you’re in the market for baby bedtime entertainment, an online parent guide will lead you in the right direction.

Mommy Baby Yoga

A craze that’s blowing up right now, and for good reason, is the practice of mommy-baby yoga. Whether you look for a yoga studio near you, or just find a class or tutorial online, yoga can further strengthen the wonderful bond you’ve got with your child through stroking and soothing techniques. It also won’t hurt if you want to get your pre-baby body back!

If you’ve only recently given birth, consult an expert opinion before you start any rigorous exercise though.

Mindful moms raise mindful children

As a parent, you’ll know the importance of leading by example. If you can adopt mindfulness in your everyday life — through mindful movements, short meditations or yoga — the benefits will transfer to your child too.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post.

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