Friday, March 9, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. This is the last day of midterms! YAY!

  2. I have a job shadow that I have my 3rd year students do on one of my class periods. One girl wasn't in 3 1/2 class days, and the job shadow was on class day 7. I noticed there were some fishy things with her packet. I called to check up on her, and she never went. The whole thing was a lie. The packet is fairly thick. I have the packet worth 100 points, just going worth 100 points, and a thank you letter that they've done another 100 points. I had to write her up. Now she has to make up her job shadow over spring break, and I will only give her 1/2 the points.

    Another girl confessed she didn't do the job shadow at all. I gave her the opportunity to make it up as well, with 50% off. I told her that appreciate her telling me the truth.

    I hate being lied to! What's something you hate?

  3. I found this on facebook. I think it's true. 

  4. One teacher gets a lot more help than others around my work. On days like midterms and finals I want to scream at him. Sometimes he complains at how busy he is. He has no idea! We're not supposed to play favorites with students, but somehow it's ok for staff to have favorites. I think not! 

  5. We'll be at the Henry Doorly Zoo this weekend. Mica's presenting his Science Fair Project there, since he won his middle school competition. I hope he does well. He's a good kid overall.

    I helped bump up his board with adding a 3D salad and a few 3D doughnuts. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

And to think those kids expect good paying jobs when they graduate and can't even shadow. Ridiculous! I couldn't teach because I'd lose all my hair out of frustration!

mail4rosey said...

Good luck to him at the fair! I teach, and there are def going to be students who lie. I have had a couple steal too. -_- Most of them are better behaved though!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I think every term I end up having to turn a student in for plagiarism on a paper. Even though I warn them to write in their own words, not to copy and paste from online. It's always so disappointing.
Good luck at the science fair!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I agree with the teaching/headache meme lol

kristi said...

I can't believe those girls...It is such a different time - such a lack of respect on their part. I dislike disrespectful kids. The fifth grade class has many disrespectful kids. Your son's project looks great - love your 3D additions!

Mandy said...

While I totally get that the assignment was to job shadow and that it is good for students to meet professionals, I admit I get really frustrated when hearing about students doing "free work" or internships. I have done my fair share of internships and, while I thought it may lead to something, it never did. It was just people taking advantage of me. :( Hopefully, this group of kids will actually benefit from job shadowing. Did you provide contacts for them? Or were they required (as part of the assignment) to go out and find someone they could shadow?

An Apel a Day said...

@Mandy I had a list of contacts for the students. I agree with you about internships. This Job Shadow could have lasted only a few hours if they wanted it to. They got from 8-3:30 off of school for it.

Harry Flashman said...

What's something I hate? I guess it would be robo calls trying to sell me time shares and condominiums. Once you own one, you never, ever escape, even if you sell it.

When I went to High School back in the sixties, it was at a small school in Northern California. When we did a report, we copied it from the encyclopedia.But then the Navy sent me to the University of New Mexico. I took a freshman philosophy 101 course. The Professor was a crusty old retired Navy officer. I copied my report from the encyclopedia. He called me in and started tearing a strip off me for plagiarism. I had no idea what he was talking about. He picked up on that and asked me if I wrote the report. I told him no, I copied it out of the encyclopedia. He asked me why. I told him because he said to do a report on that subject.

He explained I was supposed to write original thoughts of my own and I asked him how the hell I was supposed to do that when I didn't know anything about the subject but what he said in class and what was in the encyclopedia. He had his grad student help me write a new report, and I was ok from then on.

Damn good thing he was retired military. Most of the professors there were freaks and hated military guys, that would have been the end of me if it had been one of them.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I hate being lied as well,'s soo annoying! And Mica is doing a great job indeed

Unknown said...

Those are really awesome pics my friend. Your son shouldn't be bummed I totally agree with you, and to get a card like that? Woo Hoo is what I say! Good for him. Thanks so much for sharing. Well 4 a.m. comes early Have a great week. hugs

Mandy said...

@Alisa Glad you had a list of contacts for them. I'm sure your sources are probably more reputable than the ones they could come up with. Also glad to hear I'm not the only one frustrated with the idea of unpaid internships. 😬


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