Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Ripper Tales | By: Mica Apel

Just a short explanation before I go right into Mica's story. I told him towards the end of winter break that our local library had a writing competition going on. He had to include a character in a book that he's read.

It was due last week. Travis printed it out, read it, and decided it couldn't be submitted. Why? Because it was too gory, for a kid's writing. We'd probably get a call wondering what our child was reading, or watching on TV. No he hasn't watched Dexter with us. Nor is is a crazy child. He's actually very normal, gets along with other kids, and does well in school.

But the story is really good, for only being 12 years old. Just know he got the ideas from a book about Jack the Ripper.

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The Ripper Tales 
Written By: Mica Apel

September 12, 1888, 3:00 PM

Hello diary, my name is Eel Witherson. You may have heard of me when I helped Dr. John Snow discover how Cholera spreads in 1854. But times have changed here in London. Now I am a detective and I have a very intriguing case. This morning, a young girl's body was found in a secluded alley with a slitted throat and lower body organs taken from her body. I think it is the work of a disturbing serial killer with surgical expertise. The bloke must be keeping organs as a prize of his foul doings.

September 19, 1888, 11:00 AM

This morning I woke unprepared for a hellish morning. My neighbor, Beatrice, was found dead in a damp sewer. Same scene, slit throat, lower organs out. I have a thought of who this killer is. Last night, a man, bloody to the bone, was sighted in Boar's Bottom Bar. I will go tomorrow to investigate and possibly confront this man.

September 20, 1888, 9:00 PM

I had a gruesome day with two more bloody deaths one at 8 and one at 2. I have nicknamed this man Jack the Ripper, due to him ripping organs out of his victims. As I entered Boars Bottom, I spotted Jack ordering a Bloody Mary. I asked him if he knew of four strange deaths that have happened over the past week. While he was explaining his alibi, I noticed a bloody scalpel in his left pocket of his jacket. I took it explaining it was evidence, when he rushed out of the bar fast as his long strides could carry him. Next time I confront him I will be ready for him. Bring it on, Jack.

October 2, 1888, 12:00 PM

Jack has not been sighted in a very long time, but today he struck again. This time he killed a 15 year old girl, same scene, same story. He left telling me to go to LeFonza's Talbot at 11:00 PM. Here I am waiting here at twelve o' clock! Wait! Here he comes! Thwack! Aaaoouuhh! That hurt, Jack! You want to play, Jack? I'll play, with my rapier! Shiing! Spliff! Ugghh! Well (cough!) that's the end of the Ripper. After my midnight duel, I buried Jacks halves in an unmarked grave hehind the talbot. For the rest of London's years, it will be free of the Ripper.

By: Eel Witherson P.H. D.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I love this story. His writing is rich with details. I was reading gorier stuff at 12, so I think this is pretty tame lol. Wonderful job!!!

XmasDolly said...

Wow, and he's how old? I mean girl encourage him for sure! So detailed and yet strictly to the point. Great job little dude!

Harry Flashman said...

Good vocabulary, and his creative writing skills are way up there. I think, given the times and the level of paranoia in schools, your husband was right about not publishing it in a school environment, but that doesn't detract at all from the high caliber of the work. I'd have given him an "A" on that one if he had been a student in my classroom.

An Apel a Day said...

@ XmasDolly Mica's 12 1/2. He's in 6th grade. He has an Aug. birthday, so he could have been in 7th grade.

Ai Sakura said...

Wow I like the way he wrote.. atypical of normal kids stories. Very creative and you should encourage him to write more!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

~ Noelle said...

Great job... Although I do understand why you did not submit it...

Anonymous said...

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