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Useful School Supplies Not Commonly Found on List

I love to get school supplies! Maybe it's because I'm a teacher myself, or quite possibly it's because everything is new. It's fun seeing that smile on my kid's face when we go to pick things out for them.

Useful School Supplies Not Commonly Found on List

While there are plenty of items teachers and school systems require students have for back to school, there are some supplies students need that aren’t usually found on lists. As you’re exploring frugal school tips to lower the overall amount spent on school supplies, be sure to devote time to supplying your child with a few extra inclusions so she or he can perform at her or his absolute best this upcoming school year and every year after.

A Good Night’s Rest

As you’re picking up notebooks, pencils and the like, ask your child if she or he could use a new pillow, a humidifier or anything else that promotes healthy sleep. Having everything on a back-to-school list won’t do your son or daughter much good if your child can’t stay awake in class or concentrate enough to use all the supplies you bought. Throughout the school year, ask your children about their quality of sleep, and be sure to take steps if they feel they aren’t getting enough rest, something that might require help from your family physician.

Hand Sanitizer

When cold and flu season roll around, or when there’s an outbreak of sickness spreading through the school or your geographic area, a quality bottle of hand sanitizer could be your child’s best line of defense. Once you buy hand sanitizer, make sure your kids actually use it. Otherwise, it’s simply a waste of money.

A Good Meal

Sleep combined with a good meal is the perfect combination for fueling students to fire on all cylinders. While there is some debate about the overall importance and health impact of eating breakfast, it doesn’t hurt to start the day with foods that give students energy to focus so they can better retain and grasp the information learned in the classroom. Plus, few things are more distracting than hunger pangs.

Locker Shelf/Organizer

For those times when students are in a hurry, they might not have as much time as they’d like to organize the contents of their locker. Rather than risk important papers and handouts going missing in a locker corner, a locker organizer or shelf is the perfect place for loose sheets of paper that can be properly sorted later.

A Quiet Place to Focus

When it’s time for homework or studying, your child should have a place of peace in which to work. While a desk in your daughter or son’s room is the most ideal option, there might not be room. If this is the case, creating a quiet place elsewhere in your home is the next best option. The kitchen table might work, but only as long as everyone in the house knows when the kitchen is a place of quiet and studying and not a place to kick up noise or engage in other distracting activities.

Access to the Internet and a Printer

Just like schools, student homes need to have reliable access to the internet so young learners can complete assignments and look up information as necessary. Additionally, students should have a printer on hand. If you don’t have a printer in your home, look for nearby public libraries, or see if your neighbors have a printer they’d be willing to let your child use.

Think outside the box a bit when it comes to getting school supplies. Lists are a helpful guide, but they don’t always have everything your child needs.    

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Theresa Mahoney said...

These are all definitely important for a successful school year.

Ai Sakura said...

Good list and I'm glad we sorted out a new study area for her at home this year that has more space for her books, as well as her craft stuff.

Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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