Friday, April 20, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. So I never got sick, but the rest of my family did. Therefore I've been tired. I did lots of laundry! Mica wakes up asking, "What?" a lot because he can't hear that great. He's fine all day, and back to hurting in the evening. He's about 1/2 way through his antibiotics. I'm so ready for him to feel better! We've had a lot of TV nights.

  2. Speaking of TV... Do you get into Roseanne? Travis has never really liked the show. I watched it all the time as a kid. My only wish is that it would be an hour long instead of a half an hour. I guess I'm spoiled with all my hour shows these days.

    I think it's interesting.... I'm friends with a lot of different types of people (conservatives, liberals, and those in between). Many liberals are banning the show because of the fact that Roseanne is a Trump supporter. Last I checked both parties kind of sucked at election time. I voted for the girl just because I didn't picture her tweeting us into a world war. That's not to say she didn't have her problems. Part of the good thing about the US is that we are free to vote for who we'd like to vote for. Roseanne has Sarah Gilbert as a big part of the show. She's a known lesbian, free thinker.

    I think it's good that it gets into issues that so many people are facing today like: Boys that like to wear dresses, separated families, adult kids and grandkids that live with their parents, and more. We should discuss this stuff. What are your thoughts? 

  3. The weather is so crazy lately. I keep reminding myself that fall was summer for the most part. Spring in Nebraska is like winter. We've had rain and snow. Parts of Nebraska (not here) was closed down because of the snow. 

  4. We found out my nephew Emerson that has Trisomy 18 has back fractures. He can't talk, so we don't know how long he's had them. :( If they give him injections to possibly help his back, that puts him at higher risk of getting seizures. He was having so many problems with seizures before. Kids with Trisomy 18 tend to have lower bone density. Well his seizure med lowered his bone density more. It's just such a rocky ride for him. He's such a trooper!

  5. We'll be out all Thursday night. I'm writing this Thursday day. Isaak has an Art and Music Festival at school. I joked that possibly his art teacher would only get up 1/2 the student's projects, since he's not so good with names. At conference time we went to talk to him to see what Isaak could do to raise his grade from a B to an A in art. He didn't remember who Isaak even was, or why he had the grade he did. I only wanted to talk to him because it bothered Isaak because Isaak loves art. 
What's random in your world?


Theresa Mahoney said...

I haven't watched the reboot of Roseanne, but will once I am caught up on all of my other programs. I think it's sad that liberals aren't supporting the show because of her presidential pick, just like I am super disappointed they cancelled Last Man Standing because Time Allen was Republican onthe show. I've been very disappointed in both parties, but especially seeing the ugly side of my liberal family members. Jason and I are Republican, but we accept all viewpoints and try to keep an open mind on all issues. Mariah identifies as liberal, and while we don't agree with her viewpoints on some subjects, she knows that we'll always hear her out. Her new boyfriend is transgender and while she was nervous to tell us Kylie is really Kyle now, we were like, "eh, whatever." But I guess because of our party affiliation, we were supposed to break out the torches LOL.

I feel horrible for Emerson. That kid has been through so much in his short life. A real trooper, indeed!

mail4rosey said...

We are not big tv watches so I haven't seen Roseanne. I liked it years ago though.

If my son's teacher didn't know his name this far along in the year, I'd be irked. Just saying. ;)

Sorry to everyone got sick, but glad you didn't. It's worse when mom gets sick, always! Hope everyone's better soon.

So sorry to hear about Emerson!!! Back fractures sounds serious. :(

Harry Flashman said...

I have to confess, I detest Roseanne. But to each, their own. Doesn't fuss me any of other people like her.

I'm glad you didn't get sick, I know you had your hands full with taking care of the family and all.

~ Noelle said...

I wanted to watch Roseanne the new one, but never did...
Oh well, maybe I will catch it on netflix or something.

That is so sad about his teacher not knowing their names... Doesn't seem like he puts forth the effort.


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