Sunday, April 15, 2018


On the 5th Isaak got sick with something. I didn't know what he was sick with. I just knew that he was feverish in the evening, had body aches, was snotty, lacked on energy, and wasn't very hungry.

It was hard because Isaak acted well in the morning and during the day. When night rolled around he was sick. I didn't think he had Influenza. We've had that before, and it kept us on the couch for days. 

My parents got it to. So it was something we picked up during our family Easter get together. 

Then Mica got it on the 7th. He didn't seem to act as bad as Isaak. 

Then Travis got it on the 8th or 9th. He hid himself in our room for one morning. Said he was dying. He emerged from our room that afternoon saying he felt a touch better. He had it the least.

How did I ever slip by without getting this?

The boys have managed to still have a snotty nose, and cough. They seemed to be getting better. Up until this last Thursday. They were both on the couches when I got home from work. Thankfully they didn't have school on Friday. Both were back to having fevers. 

At the end of the day on Friday Mica swore his eardrum popped. Why do things happen right at the end of the day on a Friday? 

I looked up a recipe for earaches. 3-5 drops of garlic oil in each ear with a cotton ball to keep it in. Do both ears because ear infections travel from one ear to the next. Don't put drops in the ear if their ear drums have popped. If their ear drums have popped they'll actually have no ear pain for awhile. 

You can buy garlic oil at a lot of places. Of course the grocery store I went to didn't have it. I made it.

Garlic Oil:
  • 6 cloves of Garlic
  • 1 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cook on medium low heat until bubble form around the garlic. Let sit for 45 minutes before using it.

Ear Infection

I didn't know if going to the doctor was the answer, but I called on Saturday morning when Mica woke up crying because his ears hurt so bad. I thought it was just from the viral infection. The doctor wanted to see Mica. They only wanted to see Isaak if his ears started hurting. Thankfully they are open Saturday morning. 

The doctor described Mica's symptoms to a T. All the boys had Influenza B. They got a milder version of it because we all got the flu shot. 

She said that often times when older kids get an ear infection it's a bacterial one. Garlic Oil drops help with viral ear infections. Bacterial ear infections are too far back in the ear for the drops to even hit. It looks like we'll be using the garlic oil for other edible things. 

Antibiotics were called in.

I went to pick up the antibiotics. They weren't there. I found out they were called into our old pharmacy. It's probably not the doctor's fault. She said it, but both pharmacies start with W, and my mind was on Mica. 

I went to go get Mica - he wanted to stay in the car, had his cell phone, and the car was locked. He texted me, "Where are you?" Then Travis had a pissed off face texted to me when he found out I left Mica in the car. He babysits, walks to and from the bus stop, so I didn't think leaving him in the car was a big deal. I've never left Mica in the car before. Here he was infected with Influenza B, didn't feel well, so I left him. 

In he came to wait and wait some more for his antibiotics. 

By this time his pain med had worn off. His ears were noticeably red. I felt so bad for him!

It's been a weekend of laying around and watching the whole show American Gothic, and sleeping. We drank lots of fluids. I did lots of laundry. It rained and snowed. Certainly not the ideal weekend! I don't get the Mother of the Year award this weekend with leaving Mica in the car alone, and having the doctor call in Mica's antibiotics to the wrong pharmacy. Travis thinks when the directions say, "2 antibiotics daily" means to give them both all at once, so he doesn't get a Father of the Year award either.  


Indah Nuria Savitri said...

hope everyone get well soon. This crazy weather is making us sick! My kids just got well from the cough and cold

Mandy said...

ugh. I'm sorry the kids aren't feeling well. Ear aches are the absolute worst.

And I do love how you say Travis was "dying" … until, of course, he wasn't. Men. lol. Though I am certain he probably felt pretty bad.

Whatever you did during the first flu go-round, be sure to do it again! :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Poor boys! I'm sorry they are all miserable, but thankfully it passed you. Allison and Jason got sick this winter too, but it went right by me as well.

I think Mica is plenty old enough to be left alone in the car for quick trips into the grocers, so I wouldn't worry about that one bit. Especially if he was sick, no need for him to go into a germ infested store and pick up more ickies.

Liz Mays said...

Those earaches can be impossibly painful! I'm glad you finally got the meds though and hopefully everyone is on the mend.


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