Friday, May 25, 2018

@GoliathGamesUS Review

We love games!

The First Game Goliath Games sent us is Googly Eyes - The Family Game of Wacky Vision

It's a fun game for sure! This is the game I liked watching my kids play the most. 


It comes with glasses where you can switch the lens in and out of. They are easy to switch in and out after a few practices.

There are 3 sets of lenses. Each set of lenses are different with how you see. One you can see fairly well, but things are blurry, another is even more blurry and the other is so blurry you can hardly see.

Isaak's eyes are big already, so it cracked me up with each set of lenses he put on. He just looks so cute and funny!


This game is more fun with additional players. I should have gotten it out at Isaak's birthday party. Teams work great! Is a drawing game. The more players on a team, the more people to guess a drawing.

Players take turns drawing different things with their switched lenses. The first team to reach Finish wins. For 4-16 players, ages 7 and up. We played with just taking turns.

Game Contents:
  • Colorful Game Board 
  • Tablet Timer 
  • 162 Challenge Cards 
  • 1 Die 
  • 1 Pair of Glasses 
  • 3 Changeable Lenses: Easy, Medium & Difficult


The Second Game Goliath Games sent us is Mastermind For Kids - Codemaker Vs. Codebreaker

I couldn't find a direct link on their site for this game. It is in a lot of retail stores. 

This game was Isaak's first choice to play! 


Use matching, logic and destructive reasoning skills to locate the jungle animals in this challenging Mastermind For Kids game from Pressman Toy, an awesome opportunity for a truly tense duel. For 2 participants Age: 6 years & up.

Game Contents:
  • Plastic base featuring Rocky Mountain Tray
  • 72 Jungle Animal Pieces Spanning 6 Varieties of Colors
  • 15 Red Scoring Pegs 
  • 15 White Scoring Pegs 
  • Game instructions 

This game had the least fighting going on. Have I even mentioned that my boys have some of the same interests, but they are 2 1/2 years apart. There is power struggles, and somethings one child can do better than the other. It helped that this game was in fact for 2 players.

The Third Game Goliath Games sent us is Build or Boom - Build it Fast Then Make Theirs Blast

This was Mica's first choice to play! 


The big boss is looking for the best builders! In my house the best builder is Mica.

Build your structure quickly yet carefully on your platform according to the card chosen. Mica was steady, and Isaak would go too fast, only to have it crash down.

Once it's built SMASH your boomer to send your opponent’s structure tumbling.

Ages 4 and up. Helps build STEM skills such as analytical thinking and shape recognition. Doesn’t need batteries!

Game Contents: 

  • 4 Boards 
  • 4 Blocks 
  • 4 Triangles 
  • 4 Arches 
  • 4 Cones 
  • 4 I-Beams 
  • 4 Barrels 
  • 2 Builders 
  • 30 Blueprint Cards 
  • 2 Platforms 
  • 2 Boomers 
  • 2 Air Hoses 
  • 1 Card Holder Complete Instructions

Which game do you think you'd like to play the most?

Disclaimer: Goliath sent me these 3 games to help with this review. They in no way influenced what I wrote, or my opinions.


Harry Flashman said...

I'm amazed any kids still play non digital games. I haven't seen any for sale in ages. Back when I was in college, I played all sorts of tactics and strategy war games with my cronies in my reserve unit. That was the early 1970's. Those were huge board games, that took up a whole cafeteria table and you had as many as ten people playing at once. Lots of fun!

mail4rosey said...

We have two of these. School's about out so we'll get around to playing. We had a lot of company last weekend, and games came out. I love game days/nights! The Googly Eyes is fun looking!

Theresa Mahoney said...

We saw them at the Chicago toy and game fair a few years back and thought they had some really fun looking games. These also look like games my family would love to play on family game night. Those glasses are so funny!


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