Friday, May 25, 2018

Ways to Keep Your Child's Brain Sharp

Parents, especially young age moms, are always on the lookout for some effective ways to keep their child’s brain active and sharp. It is a ‘need of the hour’ article because children today are getting excessively exposed to technologies and networks and it becomes mandatory for parents to find creative ways to engage their child’s brain. There is really not any specific secret formula for sharpening the children’s brain, but we can arrive at certain possible options which could work in a better way. There are several brain-stimulating activities that boost the mind of the kids, and they all work wonder during the first ten years of birth.

Bid bye to gadgets

When talking about stimulating brains, in the first place the technology and the gadgets have to be removed away so that the brain gets free. Naturally, only after evacuating the insignificant things off their mind, we can fill it with constructive choices. This may sound ambiguous to many parents, but it is indeed possible to pull off gadgets from their children, at least to a great extent, if not completely.
The only thing to ensure is to get children engaged in activities that amuse them more than what gadgets do to them. It may be a big deal for parents to find such activities, but it is obligatory to sharpen the brain. Well, focusing on soft skill activities and origami can help to build a strong concentration as well as a mental focus for the growing children. For instance, you can explore Origami Way so as to get some exciting origami diagrams for your kids.

Brian sharpening Foods

In addition to giving amusing activities for kids to sharpen their brain, it is significant to ensure that parents are giving right foods to their children. Though emphasised n number of times elsewhere, this still needs a repeated mention that says no to junk foods, as they make kids brain blunt and health at high risk. Healthy food options such as eggs, nuts and seeds, fruits, milk and yoghurt certainly help to keep the child’s brain sharper.

Good news for the children and parents is that even dark chocolates help to keep the kids’ brain active. Even some natural herbs help in activating the brain cells in young children, which can be taken under proper medical guidance.

Sports activate brain cells

Sports activities such as swimming, karate and brain gym programs profoundly help in activating the kid’s brain and to maintain a good mental and physical health. Outdoor activities are highly reduced these days, but it really helps the children to be energetic all day long. Sports also helps in good appetite and sound sleep for the children, which indirectly gives good mental health for the growing kids. Highly physically active kids seem to be sharper in academics also.

Reading sharpens brain

Reading is such a blessing for children to keep their brain and their emotions active and sharper. Parents must inculcate the habit of reading in children at a very young age and make it a practice at home. Reading is entirely different from academics, which many children today do not understand. The more the kids’ read, the more, the wiser they become. Every parent has a great responsibility in bringing the culture of reading in their children. This is such a great treat for kids’ brain.

Everything is simple and easily implementable, however high patience and perseverance is required to execute a new habit in children.


mail4rosey said...

My boy loves sports and reading. I love that your son is checking out the comics!! I used to love to read those when I was a kid.

Theresa Mahoney said...

These are all good ways to keep the brain going. I also like to throw in a craft too. It's a good way for them to learn something new while working with their hands.


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